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Who Should the Groom Invite to a Malaysian Wedding Shower?

Congratulations, you’re getting married! As a bride, planning your wedding shower guest list is an exciting milestone. While traditionally wedding showers mainly honour the bride, these days many grooms want to celebrate with friends and family too. You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering who to invite from your groom’s side. We’re here to guide you through, including the groom’s nearest and dearest, so you can throw an unforgettable party that makes you both feel loved and supported.

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Get ready to make this wedding shower one for the books by inviting the special people in your groom’s life and bringing together your friends and families in harmony. This is going to be a day you’ll always remember!

Understanding the Wedding Shower Tradition in Malaysia

As a groom, the wedding shower is your chance to invite your closest friends and family to celebrate this new chapter of your life! In Malaysian tradition, the groom’s side also hosts a separate wedding shower to honour the groom before the big day.

This is an opportunity to unite the people who have supported you. Think childhood friends, university buddies, teammates, colleagues, mentors, and relatives. These guests will share memories, bestow blessings, and pass on wisdom for your new marriage.

Invite a mix of guests who know you as an individual and as part of a couple. For friends, cast a wide net but keep it intimate. For family, include:

  • Parents, siblings, grandparents
  • Uncles, aunts, and cousins
  • In-laws and their close family

When choosing friends, consider the following:

  • Buddies from school, sports, clubs, volunteer work, etc.
  • Mates from uni or your first job
  • Current colleagues and work friends

This special pre-wedding celebration allows guests to bond over your journey to the altar. Laughter and joy will fill the room as stories are shared about watching you grow into the man you are today. Cherish this time with your nearest and dearest – their support and enthusiasm will energize you for the wedding ahead!

The wedding shower is about surrounding yourself with positivity and optimism from those who care most. Relish this opportunity to strengthen your relationships leading up to your big day. The groom’s wedding shower is a time-honoured tradition that will make you feel loved and lift your confidence as you embark on this new adventure of married life!

Close Family Members – Parents, Siblings, Grandparents

wedding wedding shower malaysia wedding malaysia couple wedding planning

Your groom’s closest family should be at the top of your guest list! His parents, siblings, and grandparents will want to celebrate this special time with the two of you.


A wedding shower is the perfect opportunity for the groom’s parents to get to know you better and offer their wishes before the big day. As the groom’s new in-laws, make them feel welcome and appreciated by inviting them to share in this occasion.


The groom’s brothers and sisters should also be included. His closest relatives likely supported him his whole life and will want to support him now as he embarks on this new chapter with you! Siblings can share childhood stories, inside jokes and offer their blessings.


For many grooms, grandparents hold a special place in their hearts. Invite the groom’s grandparents to the wedding shower if they still live. Their presence will mean the world to your groom and give them a chance to celebrate the union of their grandchild with his new bride.

Inviting the groom’s closest family members to the wedding shower allows them to become part of your new blended family. Make them feel special by including heartfelt notes in their invitations, reserving seats of honour for them at the event, and personally thanking them for coming to share in your joy. Building bonds with your new in-laws from the start will help ensure your marriage begins well!

The Groom’s Close Friends

wedding wedding shower malaysia wedding malaysia couple wedding planning

The groom’s close friends are a must-invite to any wedding shower! These are the guys he calls up to grab a drink, watch the big game, or hang out. They’ve probably heard about how you two met and how excited he is to get married. Inviting them to the shower is a chance for them to celebrate this big step with him.

  • His best friend(s): The friend(s) he’s known the longest and shares the strongest bond with. They’ve likely supported him through ups and downs over the years. Their presence at the shower will mean a lot to him.
  • His gym or sports buddies: If your groom enjoys sports, exercising or gaming with certain friends, invite them! These friendships built on shared interests can be just as meaningful. They’ll get a kick from participating in themed activities at the shower.
  • Neighbours or former colleagues: Remember friends who live close by or former coworkers your groom stays in touch with. Even if they only occasionally get together, they value each other’s friendship. Extending an invitation shows you recognize them as an important part of his life.
  • Mentors: If there are any older male role models, like a favourite teacher, coach or family friend, who have guided and supported your groom over the years, they warrant an invite. Their attendance will demonstrate the meaningful impact they’ve had.

Including the groom’s close friends in the wedding shower festivities is a wonderful way to honour the relationships that have shaped the man you love. Their presence and well wishes will make the occasion even more special as you celebrate this joyous new chapter of your lives together!

Members of the Wedding Party

wedding wedding shower malaysia wedding malaysia couple wedding planning

Once you’ve decided who from the groom’s family and circle of friends to invite to the wedding shower, remember the wedding party! The groomsmen and best men should definitely make the guest list. After all, they’ll be standing up with the groom on the big day, so they’ll want to join in celebrating this special time in his life leading up to it.


The groomsmen are the groom’s closest friends and confidants. They’ll be tasked with planning the bachelor party, helping the groom get ready on the wedding day, and keeping him relaxed. Invite the groomsmen to join the fun at the wedding shower so they can get to know the bride and her friends better before the wedding. The groomsmen will appreciate being included in this memorable part of the wedding planning.

Best Man

The best man has the important job of safeguarding the ring and giving a heartfelt speech at the reception. As the groom’s right-hand man, the best man should be at the top of the guest list for the wedding shower. His attendance shows how much he supports the groom and values the bride as his soon-to-be wife. The best man can also help rally the other groomsmen to join the festivities. His enthusiastic participation will set the perfect tone for a fun, lively shower.

By inviting the wedding party to the shower, you’re honouring the special role they play in the groom’s life while also giving them an opportunity to bond with the new bride. The groomsmen and best man are sure to appreciate your thoughtful gesture. With their zest and zeal, they’ll help make it an occasion to remember! The groom will be touched that you included those closest to him, and it will warm his heart to have familiar faces from his side mingling with friends and family from the bride’s side. What a perfect way to kick off the wedding celebrations!

Coworkers and Other Important Contacts

wedding wedding shower malaysia wedding malaysia couple wedding planning

Coworkers and colleagues are some of the most important people in the groom’s life, so inviting them to the wedding shower is a must! These are the people he sees every day and shares memories with. Extending an invitation shows them how much you value their friendship and support.

Invite people from all areas of the groom’s work life. Don’t leave out:

  • His direct teammates or office mates. The people he collaborates with daily should be at the top of the list. They’ll appreciate being included in this special celebration!
  • His boss or managers. If the groom has a good relationship with his higher-ups at work, inviting them to the shower is a wonderful gesture. It allows them to share in the joy and shows how much their support and guidance is appreciated.
  • Clients or customers. If the groom regularly interacts with certain clients or customers, inviting them to the wedding shower can strengthen that bond and allow them to take part in this new chapter. Keep the guest list balanced; you don’t want the shower dominated by business contacts.
  • Mentors. Anyone who has mentored or guided the groom over the years should receive an invitation. Their role in shaping him into the person he is today is meaningful.
  • Former coworkers. Don’t forget about old friends from previous jobs or internships. Reconnecting at the wedding shower will bring back fond memories of time spent together.

The groom’s coworkers and professional contacts have been there to support him in this stage of life and career. Including them in the wedding celebrations shows how much that support is appreciated. An invitation to the shower allows them to come together and share well wishes for this new adventure—the start of married life!

Which Coworkers Should We Invite to Our Wedding?


You’re nearing the end of planning an amazing wedding shower to celebrate this new chapter of your life. Remember to invite the groom’s close friends to join in the festivities – after all, this day is about both of you and the loved ones who have supported you along the way. His buddies will surely appreciate being included in the fun and festivity. Extend the invitation, plan some games and activities they’ll enjoy, and prepare to make cherished memories with the special people in your life. The shower is a chance to bond over laughter and build new relationships that will last well beyond your wedding day. With an open heart and guest list, you’ll set the perfect tone of joy, togetherness and new beginnings. This is just the start of a lifetime of wonderful moments you’ll share as a married couple. Congratulations and best wishes! Now go out there and celebrate!


The groom should invite a mix of guests close to him as an individual and as part of a couple. This includes his childhood friends, university buddies, teammates, colleagues, mentors, and relatives. Inviting people who have supported him throughout his life and journey to marriage will make the wedding shower memorable.

The groom’s closest family members should be on the guest list. This includes his parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and in-laws. Including close family members will create a warm and supportive atmosphere and allow them to celebrate this significant milestone in the groom’s life.

Absolutely! The groom’s close friends, such as his best friend(s), gym or sports buddies, neighbours, former colleagues, and mentors, should all be invited to the wedding shower. These friends have played important roles in the groom’s life and will want to celebrate this special time with him.

Yes, members of the wedding party, including groomsmen and the best man, should definitely be invited to the wedding shower. They are an integral part of the groom’s life and will be standing up with him on the wedding day. Inviting them to the shower allows them to bond with the bride and participate in pre-wedding celebrations.

Inviting coworkers and professional contacts is a great idea. Coworkers, teammates, managers, mentors, clients, and former coworkers have all been part of the groom’s professional journey. Including them in the wedding shower festivities shows appreciation for their support and allows them to share their upcoming marriage’s joy.


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