Want to Save RM5 - 8k on Planning Fees?

We get it; the expense of hiring a wedding planner can be daunting. But fear not, our Wedding Manager is here to plan your dream wedding at no cost, instantly saving you RM5-8k in planning fees.

Slots are limited only for 100 pax, we will close registration. 

Are You Facing These Wedding Planning Hurdles?

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We Navigate,
You Celebrate

Diving into wedding planning can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We handle the heavy lifting, guiding you smoothly through each step. Focus on the excitement, not the execution, and keep the peace with your partner.

Your Wedding, Our Commitment

Meet Your Dream Wedding Architect

Our Wedding Managers are more than planners; they're your personal wedding architects. From selecting the ideal venue to negotiating with vendors, they meticulously craft each detail to ensure your day is as flawless as your dreams. Let us handle the stress while you savor the joy of your special day.
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Detailed Guides for Every Stage of Your Wedding

Unlock 3 Essential Checklists

Elevate your wedding planning experience with three exclusive checklists, meticulously designed to ensure no detail is overlooked. Our ROM Signing Checklist guides you through the legal formalities, the Wedding Preparation Vendor Checklist helps manage your vendors efficiently, and the Actual Day Coordination Checklist ensures everything flows smoothly on your special day. Partner with our Wedding Managers to transform these checklists into your personalized path to a perfect wedding.

Negotiate and Communicate, Simplified

One Manager to Negotiate and Communicate on Your Behalf

Cut through the clutter of coordinating with numerous vendors. Our Wedding Managers streamline this process by being your single contact. They negotiate and communicate on your behalf, ensuring that every detail of your wedding plan is executed flawlessly.
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Dear Soon-to-Be-Weds,

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that wows without drowning in details… We understand you don’t want to incur a high cost to hire a wedding planner. Don’t worry.

And if you want a celebration that feels uniquely yours without the endless vendor calls and budget blowouts… Don’t worry. 

Because Then our Free Wedding Manager Service is about to be your game-changer.

Here’s Why:

I’m Spring. And just a few years back, my team and I were navigating the chaotic waves of wedding planning for my sister, trying to save the cost of hiring a wedding Planner ( approximately 5-8k ), familiar with every stressor from tight budgets to the overwhelming task list that comes with planning the big day.

That’s a question that comes to my head: Why don’t we have a systematic approach to solving this problem and provide the market with a Free Wedding Planning Service?

We dedicated ourselves, day and night, to simplifying this process, not just for us but for every couple facing the same hurdles.

Then, we crafted our very first stress-free wedding plan and system, Thurs, our wedding manager uses our formula & approach to solve the couple’s problem.

We discovered a formula that not only eased our planning woes but also saved us thousands. We’ve replicated this success for countless couples, ensuring their journey to the altar is as joyful and seamless as possible.

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Now, with our platform system and Wedding Manager ( A Real Person ) serving you and co-organising your Wedding event with our system side by side, there’s no more throwing Excelsheet back and forth. You can tap into our expertise and resources. Think of us as your wedding planning allies, here to take the planning load off your shoulders so you can enjoy the lead-up to your special day.

And now, it’s all available to you.

So here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The System : The systematic approach to planning your dream wedding without the stress or overblown budgets.
  • Budget Planning: Tell us your budget and vision, sit back, and we’ll fine-tune a perfect proposal.

  • Facilitate & Communication: Quick and easy ways to communicate with vendors and streamline decisions
  • Your Time is Money: We save you time and money, ensuring you and your spouse enjoy every moment leading up to and during your wedding.

Slots are limited only for 100 pax, we will close registration. only a small Refundable deposit is required to get started. 

Total Value : RM8000

But For Now , Special Offer: Start at No Cost

Slots are limited only for 100 pax, we will close registration , Grab the Chance Now

Self Managed
With Wedding Manager
  • Using Our Wedding System & Tools to manage Your Wedding

    Choose our Wedding Manager for a stress-free experience. Our advanced system handles everything from budgeting to e-invitations, ensuring a seamless event. Save time and avoid the chaos of DIY planning; let our experts take care of the details.

  • Time Savings

    Save hundreds of hours in planning and coordinating, freeing up your time for other personal commitments.

  • Budget Management

    They keep your wedding expenses within budget while maximizing your available funds.

  • Professional Experience

    Benefit from their experience and insights that ensure a smooth and professional event.

  • Vendor Communication

    Access to a network of trusted vendors and service providers that you might not find on your own.

  • Peace of Mind

    Knowing a professional is managing your wedding lets you focus on the joy of the day without worries.

  • Attention to Detail

    Ensure no detail is overlooked, from seating arrangements to timing the music cues.

  • Crisis Management

    Handle unexpected issues that arise during planning or on the wedding day without panicking.

  • Wedding Coordination
    ( Available with Add On )

    Make your wedding day truly enjoyable with our add-on wedding coordination services. Essential for a seamless celebration, our coordinators handle every detail, allowing you and your guests to relish each moment without distractions. Opt for this service to ensure your special day unfolds perfectly.

Reserve your spot now and let us make your dream wedding a reality!

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Wedding Manager

Plan Your Wedding Effortlessly
$ 0 Zero Cost
  • Initial Understanding
  • Budget Planning
  • Planning Proposal
  • Vendor Communication
  • Finalize Planning
  • Transact & Payment Reminder
  • Reminder For Vendor On Execution

Secure Your Free Wedding Manager Today

Reserve your spot now, limited to 100 pax and let us make your dream wedding a reality!

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Frequent Ask Question

Yes, the Wedding Manager service itself is free. To start, click the enroll button. We will assign A wedding manager to get in touch with you.  given that our service is provided at no cost.

Our Wedding Manager primarily handles the planning stages ,coordination is not including . but we have packages for Day-of wedding coordination, which includes managing vendors, venue setup, and ensuring smooth event execution from start to finish, is available as a discounted add-on package.

Our Wedding Manager utilizes the proprietary 50Gram Wedding system to oversee and coordinate your wedding planning efficiently. After the initial setup, you will receive updates directly on your personalized dashboard. We will arrange a second meeting to finalize your budget details. Following this, we begin implementing and managing all subsequent wedding-related tasks, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way through our user-friendly platform.

Absolutely! If you find yourself partway through planning and would like our assistance to complete the process, we’re more than ready to step in.

Certainly! If you’ve handled most of the planning but need support on the day of your wedding, our Event Day Coordination package is the perfect fit for you. This paid service includes:

  • Pre-Event Consultation: We align on all your plans and requirements.
  • Vendor Coordination: We ensure all vendors are briefed and ready.
  • Rehearsal Management: We oversee your rehearsal to ensure smooth execution.
  • Wedding Day Timeline Execution: We manage the flow of your wedding day.
  • Reception Coordination: We handle the logistics during the reception.
  • Post-Event Follow-up: We wrap things up and address any final details.
  • This package ensures that your wedding day unfolds flawlessly, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special moment. please contact us for this service.
No, wedding coordination is an optional add-on. You can choose to have our Wedding Manager assist with planning only or opt-in for full coordination services.

You can request the add-on during your initial consultation or any time during the planning process before the wedding date.

Communicate any specific requests to your Wedding Manager who will make every effort to accommodate and integrate them into your wedding planning.

We recommend booking at least 6-12 months in advance to ensure ample time for thorough planning and to secure the best vendors.