wedding food wedding food truck malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Why Malaysian Couples Are Choosing Food Trucks for Their Wedding?

The wedding day is all about you and creating lasting memories. As a modern couple, you want to do things your way to reflect your unique relationship and personality. Why settle for a boring sit-down dinner when you can give guests an unforgettable food experience with gourmet food trucks? Forget the traditional catering and opt for food trucks at your wedding for a fun, casual vibe that will have your guests raving for years.

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With endless options from burritos to lobster rolls to crepes, your wedding will be the talk of the town. Your guests will love the variety, you’ll save money, and you’ll have an Instagram-worthy wedding that makes a statement. Take a chance, live boldly, and make your wedding day as memorable and unique as your love. Choose food trucks – your guests will thank you!

The Food Truck Wedding Trend

wedding food wedding food truck malaysia wedding malaysia couple

The food truck wedding trend is exploding in Malaysia, and for good reason! More and more couples are ditching the traditional catering hall in favour of the fun and flavour of food trucks.

Why choose a food truck for your wedding?

There are so many benefits to having food trucks at your wedding:

  • Amazing food. Food trucks are known for innovative, gourmet cuisine with unique flavors. Your guests will be thrilled with options like lobster rolls, gourmet grilled cheese, Korean BBQ, or crepe trucks for dessert!
  • Casual, relaxed vibe. Food trucks set a casual, laid-back tone that many couples want for their wedding day. Your guests will love the experience of wandering between different trucks and trying different options.
  • Memorable experience. A food truck wedding creates an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. People will be talking about how unique and fun your wedding was for years to come!
  • Budget-friendly. Food trucks are often more budget-friendly than a traditional catering hall. And with a variety of options, there’s sure to be something in your price range.
  • Flexibility. Food trucks give you flexibility in the timing and offerings. You can have trucks arrive for the cocktail hour, reception, or both. And you can choose specific types of cuisine based on you and your spouse’s tastes.


A food truck wedding is a great way to make your wedding day uniquely you. Your guests are sure to appreciate this fun, memorable touch – and the amazing food! Give your wedding an unforgettable kick of flavour with the food truck trend sweeping Malaysia.

Benefits of Having a Food Truck at Your Malaysia Wedding

A food truck at your wedding is a fun, memorable choice your guests are sure to love! Here are a few of the major benefits of booking a food truck for your big day:

Variety and Options

Food trucks offer diverse cuisine options beyond the typical catering fare. Your guests will enjoy delicious nasi lemak, char kuey teow or assam laksa – the possibilities are endless! With different trucks offering Chinese, Malay, Indian or fusion fare, you can provide an array of tasty choices to please every palate.

Casual, Relaxed Vibe

Opting for food trucks creates a more casual, festive ambience. Your guests will surely appreciate the laid-back, fun-loving feel as they grab their meal from the truck of their choice. This option is perfect for weddings with a more relaxed, bohemian theme.

Memorable Experience

A food truck wedding will give your guests an experience they will remember. Years later, they’ll still be talking about the amazing satay, roti canai or teh tarik they enjoyed at your wedding from that cool retro truck! Your wedding will stand out as an extra special, unique event.

Cost Effective

Food trucks are often more budget-friendly than a traditional catering services. You’ll get amazing gourmet cuisine without the high costs. The casual style also allows you to cut back on other expenses like rentals. Your dream wedding doesn’t have to break the bank!

A fun, memorable wedding focused on amazing food, good company and celebrating your love – what could be better? Book that food truck today for an unforgettable wedding your guests will rave about for years!

Creative Food Truck Cuisine Ideas for Your Big Day

wedding food wedding food truck malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Forget the standard chicken or fish—your wedding day is the perfect time to showcase your fun and unique taste in food! Food trucks offer a variety of creative cuisine options to delight your guests.

Select two or three food trucks to serve small bites so your guests can sample from each one. Some popular choices for weddings include:

  • Tacos, burritos and quesadillas from a Mexican food truck. Who doesn’t love tasty tacos and margaritas?! Your guests will rave about the fresh guacamole and homemade tortillas.
  • Gourmet sliders, fries and milkshakes from an American diner-style food truck. Retro and delicious, your guests will love the nostalgic feel of a burger stand at your wedding.
  • Artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches, soups and salads from a farm-to-table food truck. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is always a crowd pleaser for a rustic, wholesome option.
  • Cupcakes, whoopie pies, doughnuts or macarons from a specialty dessert truck. Send your guests home on a sugar high with a variety of sweet treats!

The key is choosing cuisines you enjoy that showcase your fun and quirky style as a couple. Feel free to mix savory and sweet options or try unique fusions of different cuisines. Food trucks also allow for more flexibility in the event timeline since food can be served over a longer period. Most importantly, relax and enjoy this opportunity to treat your guests to amazing food on your wedding day! They’ll be talking about it for years to come.

How to Find the Best Food Truck Vendors for Your Wedding

wedding food wedding food truck malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Finding the perfect food truck vendors for your wedding just got a whole lot tastier. As an unconventional couple looking to spice up your reception, food trucks are the way to go! Not only will your guests rave about the delicious grub, but they’ll also appreciate your fun, outside-the-box style.

To track down the best food trucks in town:

  1. Start by checking sites like 50Gram Wedding, an online wedding platform that features popular mobile eateries in Malaysia.
  2. Browse their profiles and menus to find options that match your wedding theme or cuisine preferences.
  3. Once you have a few contenders, reach out to the owners directly to express your interest, check their availability for your date, and discuss pricing.

When evaluating food trucks, consider a few important things:

  • Cuisine and menu variety. Opt for trucks that offer a range of options to please all your guests, from satays and tacos to cupcakes and crepes.
  • Presentation and style. Pick vendors with an eye-catching truck design and professional staff that will visually enhance your wedding aesthetic. Ask to see photos of their setup at other events.
  • Rave reviews. Read online reviews from couples and guests at previous weddings or events. Look for overwhelmingly positive feedback mentioning delicious food, generous portions, and excellent service.
  • Logistical details. Make sure the trucks you’re interested in can accommodate your expected guest count and venue space requirements. Discuss setup time, parking limitations, access to electricity and water, and plans in case of rain.
  • Tastings and trials. Schedule tastings with your top choices to sample the fare and ensure it lives up to the hype. Some trucks may be open to creating special menu items for your wedding upon request.

By following these tips, you’ll track down the perfect fleet of food trucks to treat your guests to an unforgettable culinary experience on your wedding day. Your non-traditional reception will be the talk of the town!

Food Truck Catering Tips: How to Make It Run Smoothly

wedding food wedding food truck malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Congratulations, you’re having a food truck wedding! This is an amazing way to give your guests a fun, memorable experience. To help ensure everything runs smoothly, here are some tips for coordinating with your food truck caterers:

Choose trucks that cater to a variety of diets

Make sure you have options for any guests with dietary restrictions. Select trucks that offer vegan, gluten-free, and halal choices so everyone has something delicious to eat!

Provide guests with truck schedules and menus ahead of time

This allows guests to plan what they want to try and budget their appetites accordingly. Send schedules and menus with your invitations or post them on your wedding website.

Designate ample space for the trucks to park and for guests to line up

You’ll want each truck to have plenty of room to manoeuvre and for guests to queue without crowding. Ask your venue contact about available parking areas and cordoning off sections.

Have extra staff to help direct guests

Station staff near the trucks to guide guests, answer questions, and prevent congestion. They can also help refill napkins, utensils, plates, and trash bags to keep the area clean.

Allow time for truck setup and breakdown

Food trucks typically need 1 to 2 hours for setup and breakdown. Make sure to account for this in your wedding timeline and venue rental. You want the trucks ready to serve guests as soon as the reception begins!

Thank your caterers!

Remember to show appreciation for the food truck teams that helped make your wedding deliciously unique. Provide tips, write thank you notes, and give them glowing reviews – they deserve it!

These tips will help you coordinate a seamless and memorable food truck catering experience at your wedding. Your guests will be raving about the amazing tacos, sliders, and mac and cheese they enjoyed for years to come! Let the delicious food truck fun begin!

10 Interesting Food Trucks for Parties in KL & Selangor


So be bold and ditch the traditional caterers for your big day. Choosing a food truck to cater your wedding will make it a truly memorable experience for you and your guests. The delicious smells wafting through the air, the casual and fun vibe, and the element of surprise in discovering what gourmet treats the trucks have in store will come together to craft an unforgettable celebration that is uniquely you. Your wedding is a chance to express your style and share your joy with the people you care about. A food truck caterer helps you do that by offering a personalized, tailored menu within your budget. Take a chance, follow your heart, and pick a food truck — you won’t regret making your wedding day deliciously different. The memories of amazing food and the smiles on your guests’ faces will last long after the final crumbs have been devoured. This is your wedding, your way. Make it amazing!


Food trucks are gaining popularity in Malaysian weddings because they offer a unique and memorable dining experience. Couples are drawn to the amazing variety of cuisine options, casual and relaxed vibe, memorable experience for guests, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility in catering.

Food trucks provide various benefits, including offering diverse and delicious food options, creating a casual and relaxed atmosphere, delivering a memorable experience, being budget-friendly, and providing flexibility in timing and cuisine choices.

Couples in Malaysia can choose from a wide range of cuisines for their food truck wedding, including Malaysian dishes like nasi lemak and char kway teow, international options like Mexican tacos and gourmet grilled cheese, or even fusion cuisines that blend different flavors.

Couples can start by checking online wedding platforms like 50Gram Wedding in Malaysia to find the best food truck vendors. They should browse profiles and menus, contact vendors to check availability and pricing, read reviews from previous events, and consider logistical details like parking and setup.

To ensure a smooth food truck wedding, couples should choose trucks that cater to various dietary needs, provide guests with menus and schedules in advance, designate ample parking and queueing space, have extra staff for guidance, allow time for setup and breakdown, and express gratitude to the caterers.


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