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Malaysia Wedding Cocktails: How to Pick the Perfect Drinks for Your Reception

You’re getting married – congratulations! Now comes the fun part: planning your dream wedding reception. As a couple celebrating in Malaysia, you want to include traditions and add your unique twist. One way to delight your guests and reflect your style as a couple is at the cocktail hour. You have so many delicious and vibrant options to choose from! Do you go classic with tropical cocktails featuring local fruits like rambutan or mangosteen? Or get creative with colourful, floral-inspired drinks?


As you think about the vision for your special day, imagine your guests mingling, laughing, and toasting to your new marriage over innovative cocktails made just for you. The options are endless, so read on for inspiration and helpful tips to pick the perfect drinks for your reception. Your guests are sure to be wowed. Let the celebrations begin!

Classic Wedding Cocktails to Serve Your Guests

wedding wedding cocktail wedding reception malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Your guests are going to love sipping on these classic cocktails during your reception! Nothing says celebration quite like a signature drink.

The Classic Gin & Tonic

This refreshing cocktail is a crowd-pleaser. Made of gin, tonic water and lime, it’s crisp, citrusy and not too sweet. Your guests can enjoy its fizzy perfection for hours.

The Timeless Old Fashioned

Bourbon, bitters and sugar come together in this strong yet smooth cocktail. With an orange twist for extra flavour, the Old Fashioned is a sophisticated choice and a nod to tradition.

The Elegant French 75

Champagne, gin and lemon juice make a lovely bubbly cocktail that’s light and refreshing. Named after an artillery gun, the French 75 packs a punch that belies its delicate taste. It’s sure to make a splash at your reception!

The Fruity Singapore Sling

This fun, tropical drink is a Malaysian wedding classic for a good reason. Mixed with gin, cherry brandy, fruit juices and soda, the Singapore Sling is sweet, tangy and packs a punch your guests won’t see coming. Exotic, colourful and whimsical, it embodies the celebratory spirit of your big day.

With a signature cocktail or two, your reception will be even more memorable and fun for your guests. You have many wonderful options, from classic to contemporary, strong to light. Cheers to you and your new spouse – your wedding day is sure to be as special and perfect as the cocktails you serve!

Mocktails and Non-Alcoholic Options for Your Wedding

wedding wedding cocktail wedding reception malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Mocktails and speciality drinks are a must for non-drinking guests or those looking for alcohol-free options! Offering a variety of non-alcoholic choices shows your guests you want everyone to celebrate and have a good time.

Colourful Mocktails

Wow, your guests with a mocktail bar featuring vibrant, fruity drinks. Some crowd-pleasers include:

  • Virgin Mary: Tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, black pepper. Refreshing and savoury.
  • Sunset Mocktail: Orange juice, grenadine, ginger ale. Bursting with sweet citrus and berry flavours.
  • Mint Julep Mocktail: Mint, sugar, lime juice, ginger ale. A non-alcoholic take on a classic bourbon cocktail.


Fresh Juices and Smoothies

Set up a juice and smoothie bar for a lighter, healthier option. Some delicious ideas:

  • Mango Madness: Mango, banana, yoghurt or milk, honey. Creamy tropical goodness.
  • Berry Boost: Mixed berries, bananas, and orange juice. Antioxidant-rich and naturally sweet.
  • Green Machine: Spinach, kale, cucumber, apple, lemon. For those looking for an energizing veggie boost.


With a variety of juices, smoothies and mocktails on hand, you’ll have a drink for everyone and ensure all your guests can join in the celebrations. Providing non-alcoholic options is a thoughtful touch that will make your cocktail hour fun and memorable for all. Your guests will surely appreciate your inclusive spirit and attentiveness to their needs. Cheers to that!

Cocktails Inspired by Malaysia Flavors

wedding wedding cocktail wedding reception malaysia wedding malaysia couple

When planning your cocktail hour, think of drinks inspired by the vibrant flavours of Malaysia. Your guests will love these colourful cocktails infused with tropical fruits, fragrant spices and floral accents.

Teh Tarik

The Teh Tarik, or “pulled tea,” is a popular Malaysian drink of black tea and condensed milk. Combine 2 ounces of rum, 1 ounce of condensed milk, and 4 ounces of strong black tea over ice for a cocktail version. Garnish with a lime wheel for a bright pop of flavour. The blend of rum, tea and creamy milk is refreshing and nostalgic. Your guests will delight in this adaptation of a classic.

Mangosteen Martini

The mangosteen is a tropical fruit with a sweet and tangy flavour. Muddle a few mangosteen segments in the bottom of a cocktail shaker for a mangosteen martini. Add 1 1/2 ounces of vodka, 1 ounce of triple sec, and 1 ounce of lime juice with ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a lime twist. The exotic mangosteen pairs perfectly with citrus and orange liqueur in this martini. Your guests will be intrigued by this rare and delicious fruit.

Pandan Pisco Sour

Pandan is a tropical leaf used to flavour desserts and drinks in Malaysia. For a pandan pisco sour, muddle 3-4 pandan leaves in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add 1 1/2 ounces of pisco brandy, 3/4 ounces of lime juice, 3/4 ounces of simple syrup and 1 egg white. Shake vigorously with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with aromatic bitters and a pandan leaf. The blend of pisco, citrus and pandan creates an unforgettable cocktail with hints of vanilla and coconut. Your guests will be delighted by the original and exotic flavours.

By featuring cocktails inspired by Malaysian ingredients and flavours, you’ll give your guests a taste of Malaysia’s vibrant culture. These colourful drinks are sure to make your cocktail hour memorable and unique. Your guests will continue talking about these creative cocktails highlighting the tastes of Malaysia.

Keeping Your Guests Hydrated: More Than Just Alcohol

wedding wedding cocktail wedding reception malaysia wedding malaysia couple

You’ve chosen an open bar for your cocktail hour—now it’s time to pick the perfect drinks to serve your guests! Having a variety of options beyond just wine and beer will make for an unforgettable experience.

Signature Cocktails

Create custom cocktails for your wedding theme or colours. Give them fun, memorable names like “The Blushing Bride” or “Till Death Do Us Part.” Your guests will love the personal touch. Provide the recipes on attractive signage so people know what’s in each drink.


Only some guests may drink alcohol, so offer delicious non-alcoholic choices. Fruit-infused water with citrus, berries or cucumber is refreshing. Or create special mocktails like a “Malaysian Mule” with ginger beer, lime juice and mint.

Juices and Soft Drinks

Have a selection of juices like orange, apple and cranberry, as well as soft drinks on hand. Set up a self-serve station so people can help themselves and stay hydrated in the heat.

  • Iced Tea – Sweet tea or unsweetened options with lemon are always crowd-pleasers.
  • Sodas – In addition to Coke and 7-Up, offer local favourites like 100 Plus or Kickapoo.
  • Bottled Water – Provide still and sparkling water, especially if your wedding is outdoors. Staying hydrated in tropical weather is important!


An assortment of drinks beyond alcohol will ensure all your guests enjoy the cocktail hour and stay refreshed. Most importantly, have fun with it! This is your wedding day, so make the drink selections meaningful to you as a couple. Your guests are there to celebrate you, so personal touches will make the experience more special. Cheers to the happy couple!

FAQs From Couples Planning Their Malaysia Wedding Beverages

wedding wedding cocktail wedding reception malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Planning the cocktail hour at your wedding reception in Malaysia? Couples often have lots of questions about what drinks to serve. Here are some of the FAQs we get from our brides and grooms:

Q1: What types of cocktails should we offer?

We recommend a variety of cocktails to please all your guests. Some crowd-pleasers include:

  • Fruit-infused cocktails like mango margaritas or lychee martinis. Tropical fruits are always a hit!
  • Gin-based cocktails such as gin & tonics, Singapore slings, or gin fizzes. Gin is very popular in Malaysia.
  • Whisky highballs for guests who prefer a lighter whisky drink.
  • Mocktails and juice options for non-drinkers or kids.


Q2: How many cocktails should we choose?

Select 3 to 5 cocktails so you have options without overwhelming your guests. You can also do ‘cocktail of the day’ or have a special ‘signature cocktail’ named after the bride and groom!

Q3: Should we offer beer and wine as well?

Definitely! In addition to cocktails, serve a selection of beers, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks. Beer, especially locally brewed beers and wine, are always crowd-pleasers.

Q4: How long should cocktail hour last?

A typical cocktail reception in Malaysia lasts 1 to 1.5 hours. This gives guests time to mix, mingle, and try different drinks before heading into the dinner reception. You want people to enjoy themselves without getting too intoxicated, so keep an eye on the clock!

Q5: How much alcohol should we buy?

For cocktail hour, plan on 1 to 2 drinks per guest. Buy a variety of mixers, garnishes, and liquors to make the cocktails you choose. And remember, non-alcoholic options for about 20-30% of your guests. Your wedding planner or caterer can give you a more exact estimate based on your guest count and menu.

Cheers to planning an unforgettable cocktail hour at your Malaysia wedding! Let us know if you have any other questions.


You can go right with these popular cocktail options for your wedding reception in Malaysia. Serve up colourful cocktails that capture the vibrant spirit of your special day and give your guests a small taste of luxury. After all the planning and anticipation, you deserve to kick back with your new spouse, enjoy a delicious custom cocktail, and soak in the joy of this moment. Cheers to you and your loved one! May your reception be as bright and bubbly as the drinks.

Seeking the perfect cocktail experience? Look no further than 50Gram Wedding. Our expert mixologists craft delightful and creative cocktails that will elevate your wedding celebration. Contact us now and let’s create a bespoke cocktail menu that adds a touch of elegance and flair to your special day.


Some classic wedding cocktails that will surely please your guests include:

  • The Classic Gin & Tonic: Made with gin, tonic water, and lime, it’s a refreshing and crisp option.
  • The Timeless Old Fashioned: A sophisticated choice made with bourbon, bitters, sugar, and an orange twist.
  • The Elegant French 75: A bubbly cocktail with champagne, gin, and lemon juice, light and refreshing.
  • The Fruity Singapore Sling: A Malaysian wedding classic with gin, cherry brandy, fruit juices, and soda, sweet and tangy.

For non-drinking guests, consider offering:

  • Colourful Mocktails: Virgin Mary, Sunset Mocktail, and Mint Julep Mocktails are delicious fruity options.
  • Fresh Juices and Smoothies: Mango Madness, Berry Boost, and Green Machine provide healthier and refreshing choices. These options will ensure all your guests can enjoy the celebration without alcohol.

Incorporate Malaysian flavours into your cocktails by serving drinks inspired by local ingredients. Some examples include:

  • Teh Tarik Cocktail: A twist on the traditional Teh Tarik with rum, condensed milk, and black tea.
  • Mangosteen Martini: A tropical fruit-inspired cocktail with vodka, triple sec, and lime juice.
  • Pandan Pisco Sour: Infuse the cocktail with pandan leaves, creating a unique and exotic flavour.

Besides alcoholic drinks, offer a variety of options to keep your guests hydrated and refreshed, such as:

  • Signature Cocktails: Create custom cocktails with fun names that match your wedding theme.
  • Mocktails: Serve fruit-infused water or non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails.
  • Juices and Soft Drinks: Include a selection of juices, sodas, and bottled water for all preferences.

Choose 3 to 5 cocktail options to provide variety without overwhelming guests. It’s also a good idea to serve beer and wine, as they are popular choices among guests. Including a range of options will ensure there’s something for everyone.


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