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Wedding Catering Cost: Malaysia Couple’s 2023 Guide

Congratulations, you’re engaged and planning your dream wedding in Malaysia! While venues and dresses may first come to mind, remember one of the most important elements – the food! As you start contacting caterers and viewing mouthwatering menus, costs are undoubtedly a concern. How much should you budget for your wedding catering in 2023?

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Get ready to dive into the average costs of wedding catering in Malaysia so you can find a caterer to craft a menu that will have your guests raving for years to come, all while staying within your budget. Whether you’re envisioning a casual buffet or an upscale plated meal, this guide will give you an inside look at what to expect to pay for wedding catering based on menus and guest count. Get excited, the delicious details are coming!

Determining Your Wedding Catering Budget

wedding catering wedding food wedding planning wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Planning a wedding is exciting, but figuring out the catering can be stressful when you start adding up the costs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Setting a realistic budget and making strategic choices allows you to have delicious food and drinks at your wedding without breaking the bank.

First, determine how much you can afford for catering. A good rule of thumb is that catering will be 50-60% of your total wedding budget. If your budget is RM50,000, aim for RM25,000-RM30,000 for catering.

Next, choose a catering style. A sit-down meal is more formal, while a buffet allows guests to mingle. Buffets are often cheaper, around RM80-RM150 per person. Sit-down meals range from RM100 to RM250 per person. Stations and food trucks are fun, casual options for RM60-RM120 per person.

Then, select a catering package. Most offer tiered packages at different price points. Go for a middle-tier package; they offer good value and variety. Or supplement a lower-tier package with extras like a dessert or appetizer station.

Remember you’ll need to factor in rentals, staffing, and service fees, which add 30-50% to the base cost. And if you want an open bar, budget at least RM30-RM60 per person.

You can have a memorable menu and an unforgettable wedding with the right budget and catering choices. Focus on what’s important to you, and your guests will appreciate all the delicious details! Planning your dream wedding catering on a budget is absolutely possible. Let the feasting and celebrating begin!

Wedding Catering Costs in Malaysia: The 2023 Average Price

wedding catering wedding food wedding planning wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Wedding catering is often one of the biggest costs for Malaysian couples, but don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. The average price for wedding catering in Malaysia for 2023 is RM80 to RM200 per person.

For a lavish 8-course Chinese banquet with seafood and premium ingredients, expect to pay on the higher end of RM150 to RM200 per person. A standard 5-course Malay cuisine meal with popular dishes like nasi minyak, rendang and acar rampai would cost RM100 to RM150 per person. If you prefer a casual BBQ buffet or Indian thali meal, budget around RM80 to RM120 per person.

The final cost will also depend on the number of guests, venue, menu options and catering service. Most caterers require a minimum spend, usually RM15,000 to RM30,000, to make it worth their while. If you have a smaller guest list, you may need to pay more per person to meet the minimum.

Some ways to save on catering costs include:

-Choose a weekday wedding date instead of Saturday. Caterers often charge 10-15% less.

  • Opt for a brunch or afternoon tea reception rather than dinner. Not only will the menu options likely be lower in cost, but alcohol is usually not included either.
  • Ask about package deals or promotions. Many caterers run seasonal specials or bundle options with venues and decorators.
  • Negotiate, be bold and compare quotes from different caterers. Even saving RM5 to RM10 per person can make a big difference in your budget!

With the right caterer and some smart choices, you can have a delicious wedding feast without breaking the bank.

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Ways to Save on Your Wedding Catering

wedding catering wedding food wedding planning wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

There are several ways to cut costs for your wedding catering without compromising quality or service. Get excited—you can have an amazing meal at your wedding without breaking the bank!

Provide your own alcohol

Providing your own alcohol instead of an open bar can save you a bundle. Let your caterer know you’ll supply the booze, and they’ll charge you less per person. You can buy in bulk at a wholesaler and still have a full bar with wine, beer, cocktails and spirits. Your guests will appreciate hosting an open bar, even if you provide the alcohol yourself!

Serve a brunch or afternoon tea

A brunch or afternoon tea wedding reception is more budget-friendly than a plated dinner. Your caterer will charge less for a lighter fare with scones, petit fours, tea sandwiches, quiches, salads, mimosas, or champagne. Plus, your guests will love an afternoon wedding reception’s unique, fun experience.

Keep the menu simple

The more complex your menu, the higher the catering costs. Choose a simple but delicious menu for each course with 3-4 options. For example, offer a choice of chicken, fish or vegetarian for the main, with a salad and sides that work with all the options. Skip extras like appetizers, palate cleansers or cheese courses. Your guests will appreciate a menu where all the options sound amazing!

Negotiate and compare caterers

Feel free to negotiate with caterers to get the best possible price. Get multiple quotes from different caterers and compare what’s included. See if they’ll match or beat the prices of competitors. Ask if they offer discounts for weddings on Sundays, Fridays or off-season. With persistence, you can get 10-30% knocked off the initial quote.

Planning a wedding is exciting! Following these tips will help you cut costs on your catering and allow you to allocate more of your budget to other areas of your wedding, like the dress, photographer or honeymoon. Your guests will get a memorable meal and experience without you having to spend more than necessary. Saving money on catering means you’ll have extra to splurge on the things that matter to you!

Additional Wedding Catering Costs to Factor In

wedding catering wedding food wedding planning wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

When budgeting for your wedding catering in Malaysia, remember the additional costs that often get overlooked! You’ll want to factor in a few more expenses to ensure you have all your bases covered.


Tipping your catering staff around 10-15% of the total bill is customary. Make sure you budget this so you can show your appreciation for all their hard work in making your wedding day delicious!

Rental fees

Do you need to rent plates, glassware, flatware, linens, tables or chairs? Refrain from assuming these come included in the catering package. Get estimates from your caterer or rental company ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect.

Staffing fees

In addition to the catering staff, you may need to pay for bartenders, servers, bussers, and setup/cleanup crew. Staffing fees can range from RM50 to over RM200 per hour per staff member. Ensure you understand how many staff are included in your catering package and get quotes for any additional team members you need.


Do you want to take any uneaten food home after the reception? Some caterers will pack leftovers for you to enjoy the next day but may charge a small fee for containers and staff time. When comparing catering packages, it’s best to ask about their leftover policy and any related fees.

Corkage fees

If you’re providing your own alcohol, the caterer will typically charge a corkage fee for each bottle opened. Fees usually range from RM30-RM100 per bottle. Make sure you understand the caterer’s policy on outside alcohol and get an estimate of total corkage fees based on what you plan to serve.

By anticipating these extra wedding catering costs, you’ll avoid any sticker shock on your big day and can budget wisely. And remember—a memorable meal with friends and family is worth every sen! Focus on what really matters and try not to stress the small details. Your guests will appreciate all the care and effort that went into creating such a special celebration.

FAQ: Wedding Catering Questions From Malaysia Couples

wedding catering wedding food wedding planning wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Planning a wedding can be exciting but also stressful. One of the biggest expenses for any wedding is the catering. As a Malaysian couple, you may have many questions about how much wedding catering costs. Here are some of the Malaysian brides and grooms’ most frequently asked questions.

Q1: How much should we budget for catering?

A good rule of thumb is to allocate 30-50% of your wedding budget to catering. For an average 150-guest wedding in Malaysia, catering costs typically range from RM30,000 to RM100,000. Buffet menus are usually the most affordable, while sit-down dinners tend to be on the higher end.

Q2: Can we negotiate with caterers?

Absolutely! Caterers often have some flexibility in their pricing, especially if you’re booking off-peak or last minute. Feel free to ask if they offer discounts for booking in advance or for larger guest counts. You can also save money by limiting menu options or alcohol selections. Caterers would rather work with your budget than lose your business altogether.

Q3: Do caterers provide tables, chairs and linens?

Typically, yes. Most full-service caterers will provide basic table and chair rentals, linens, flatware, glassware and serving equipment as part of their catering packages. Some may charge extra for upgraded linens, chiavari chairs or speciality tables. Ask the caterer what items are included to avoid surprise fees!

Q4: Can guests with dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Absolutely. Reputable caterers can easily accommodate common dietary needs like halal, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options. Be sure to provide final guest counts for any special menus in advance so the caterer can prepare them appropriately. There may be a small upcharge for some specialty menus, but caterers aim to be inclusive for all guests.

With the right caterer and a realistic budget, you can have a memorable menu your guests will rave about! Best of luck planning your dream wedding.


Get ready to celebrate your big day in style! With the average wedding catering cost in Malaysia for 2023 now around RM80 to RM150 per person, you have many delicious options. Whether you want an extravagant buffet with cuisine from around the world or prefer a more intimate seated dinner, there are caterers that can bring your wedding feast dreams to life within your budget. The sky is the limit – add special touches like a candy bar, dessert station or cocktail hour to make the celebration your own. Your guests will surely appreciate all the thought and care you put into planning such a memorable meal. Remember to take it all in and savour each moment of this special time in your new life together! The food may be fleeting, but the memories you make will last forever. Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

Searching for the most affordable wedding catering service? Look no further than 50Gram Wedding. Our team will assist Malaysian couples in finding a catering option that suits their budget without compromising on taste and quality. Contact us now to ensure a delicious and budget-friendly culinary experience for your special day.


A good rule of thumb is to allocate 50-60% of your wedding budget to catering. For example, if your wedding budget is RM50,000, aim to spend around RM25,000-RM30,000 on catering.

There are various catering styles with different price points in Malaysia. A buffet is usually more affordable, ranging from around RM80 to RM150 per person. A sit-down meal is more formal and can range from RM100 to RM250 per person. Stations and food trucks offer a fun and casual option, with prices around RM60 to RM120 per person.

The average price for wedding catering in Malaysia for 2023 is approximately RM80 to RM200 per person. The final cost will depend on the number of guests, menu choices, venue, and catering service.

There are several ways to save on wedding catering costs. Providing your own alcohol can significantly cut expenses. Choosing a brunch or afternoon tea reception can be more budget-friendly than a dinner. Keeping the menu simple with 3-4 options for each course can also help save money. Additionally, negotiating with caterers and comparing quotes from different providers can lead to cost savings.

In addition to the catering itself, you should factor in gratuity for catering staff (around 10-15% of the total bill), rental fees for items like plates, glassware, and linens, staffing fees, leftovers packing fees (if applicable), and corkage fees if you’re providing your own alcohol.


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