Top 5 Wedding Florists in Malaysia for Your Dream Wedding Day

Whether it’s a bouquet for yourself, boutonnieres for your groomsmen or centrepieces for your reception, finding the right florist to bring your dream to life can often be overwhelming. But fear not! Here at 50Gram Wedding, we’ve done the hard work and gathered a list of the top 5 online wedding florists from Malaysia who will ensure your big day is nothing short of extraordinary.

We have scoured the web and found florists with fresh blooms, creative arrangements and unbeatable customer service that will cater to every taste, style and budget. So let’s find out what you need for beautiful floral arrangements on your special day!

Top Pick Wedding Florist: 50Gram Florist

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If you’re looking for the best wedding florists in Malaysia, you’ve come to the right place! Here at 50Gram Wedding, we pride ourselves on being one of the most comprehensive online wedding planning platforms. And one of our favourite florists is none other than our very own 50Gram Florist.

50Gram Florist has an amazing portfolio of work—they’ve been featured in countless magazines and have won numerous awards. But perhaps most importantly, they understand that every couple has unique preferences and needs. With that in mind, they provide an extensive selection of flowers, from roses to lilies to orchids. And their experienced designers can create something truly special for your special day!

Plus, they understand that budget can be an issue when planning your perfect wedding. They offer great discounts and packages to get your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

No matter what kind of floral arrangements you’re looking for on your big day – whether it’s elegant centrepieces or romantic bouquets – 50Gram Florist will make sure all your needs are met with professionalism and care. So check them out today to start planning a wonderfully memorable event!

BloomThis: Handcrafted designer flower by flower enthusiasts

wedding flower wedding florist wedding malaysia wedding couple

Tying the knot? Get your flower to fix in dreamy designs with BloomThis! Founded by flower enthusiasts, this wedding florist in Malaysia offers both fresh and dried flowers curated into perfect bouquets that can be customized to match your theme. Their passionate florists design each product from scratch with love – from bouquets, corsages, flower stands and more!

Moreover, they also use sustainable materials, choosing to only use recyclable paper for their packaging and opting for biodegradable foam-free floral foam to ensure minimal environmental impact. You can be sure that when you choose BloomThis for your wedding day flowers, you are making a choice that is both beautiful and responsible!

February Bloom: Flower Bouquets with printing photo packaging

wedding flower wedding florist wedding malaysia wedding couple

Gone are the days of just having bouquets of flowers for your wedding, thanks to February Bloom. Whether you’re looking for a signature flower layout or customized fairy lights and wooden carved initials to personalize your flower gifts, February Bloom has it all!

The best part? You can make your bouquet even more special with unique photo packaging. All you have to do is upload your special photo – be it of the happy couple or a picture with the bridal party – and add on printed ribbons or cards. Your guests will be delighted with these unique gifts!

If you’re looking for a creative way to add a special touch to your wedding bouquets, then February Bloom should definitely be on your list.

Bloom2U: Home garden scent manufactured flower

wedding flower wedding florist wedding malaysia wedding couple

In the mood for a home garden scent for your wedding? The third on our list of top five wedding florists in Malaysia is Bloom2U. They specialize in manufacturing beautiful, handmade faux flowers that smell like fresh-cut blossoms!

Their unique process begins with their talented team picking up local flowers and herbs and extracting their alluring scents. These can create a more realistic and natural feel for any flower arrangement you need for your special day. Plus, every single stem is handcrafted with love by the Bloom2U artisans.

Plus, what makes them stand out is that they use eco-friendly materials such as 100% recyclable paper for their stems and are proud to offer a wide variety of vibrant colours that will surely impact your wedding day!

The Scarlet Flower: Affordable yet high-quality florals

wedding flower wedding florist wedding malaysia wedding couple

The Scarlet Flower is the perfect choice for couples looking for an affordable yet high-quality floral option. It is one of Malaysia’s top 5 wedding florists and for a good reason!

First and foremost, they provide an impressive selection of different floral arrangements. You’ll be able to find your perfect wedding flower, from classic white roses and lilies to more exotic blooms like orchids and sunflowers. 

The Scarlet Flower also offers a wide range of services to help enhance your wedding day becomes extra special. For example, they have a team of professional floral designers who can create stunning centrepieces and bouquets that will surely wow your guests. 

Finally, with The Scarlet Flower’s price promise guarantee, you can be assured that you’re getting the best deal without worrying about going over budget. They are incredibly affordable yet still provide high-quality florals that will make your wedding day unforgettable!

Dear J Flower: Imaginative and Unique floral designs

wedding flower wedding florist wedding malaysia wedding couple

If you’re looking for something unique and imaginative, Dear J Flower‘s floral designs are perfect! They specialize in using fresh and lush tropical flowers to create a stunningly beautiful atmosphere on your big day. 

Their team of skilled florists will work with you to create the perfect flower arrangements for each part of your ceremony – from the bridal bouquet to the reception table centrepiece. You’ll be sure to have plenty of wow-worthy moments! Whether you prefer a classic romantic theme or an edgy modern look, they can create the most stunning displays just for you.

Plus, Dear J Flower prioritizes sustainability in all its creations. All their flowers are sourced from local organic farms that abide by eco-friendly practices – so you will have amazing flowers and be helping the planet! They also use recyclable materials and reusable containers – so what more could you ask for?


Let 50Gram Wedding make your wedding day a breeze. With our list of the top five wedding florists in Malaysia, you can ensure your wedding day is perfect! From bringing your vision to life to designing the perfect atmosphere, it’s clear why these are the florists you can trust for your big day.

So, don’t wait any longer and let 50Gram Wedding make your wedding day perfect for you and your partner. We promise to give you the best wedding planning experience for your once-in-a-lifetime event! Stop stressing over the details and start planning an amazing and beautiful wedding day with the best wedding florists in Malaysia.


The selection of the top 5 wedding florists in Malaysia was based on several criteria, including fresh blooms, creative arrangements, unbeatable customer service, customization options, use of sustainable materials, unique floral designs, affordability, high-quality florals, and years of experience in wedding floristry.

 Yes, many of the top wedding florists in Malaysia, such as BloomThis and Dear J Flower, offer customization options to match your wedding theme. They can create bouquets, corsages, flower stands, centrepieces, and other arrangements tailored to your preferences and requirements.

The top wedding florists in Malaysia, such as 50Gram, BloomThis, February Bloom, and The Scarlet Flower, primarily use fresh flowers in their arrangements. However, 50Gram specializes in manufacturing handmade flowers crafted to resemble fresh-cut blossoms with a natural scent.

Several wedding florists in Malaysia prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices. For example, BloomThis uses sustainable materials, such as recyclable paper for packaging and biodegradable foam-free floral foam. Dear J Flower sources its flowers from local organic farms that follow eco-friendly practices. These florists aim to minimize the environmental impact while creating beautiful floral arrangements for your wedding.

Yes, 50Gram Florist understands that budget is important for couples planning their wedding. Their experienced designers will work with you to create stunning floral arrangements while considering your budgetary needs. They offer great discounts and packages to accommodate different budgets, allowing you to have the wedding of your dreams without overspending


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