wedding wedding photo wedding photography malaysia wedding malaysia couple

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Poses: Tips for Malaysia Couples

Congratulations, you’re getting married! This is one of the happiest times of your life, and you want to capture every moment. Wedding photos are important because they preserve memories of your big day to cherish for years. However, figuring out how to pose for your wedding photos can take time and effort. Do you go formal or casual? Serious or silly? How do you show your playful chemistry while also looking your very best? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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We talked to expert wedding photographers in Malaysia to get their tips on the dos and don’ts of wedding poses. Whether you’re looking for romantic shots of the two of you or fun group photos with your wedding party, these tips will help ensure you get the perfect photos to remember your perfect day. Now smile, relax and get ready for your close-up! Your wedding photos are going to be amazing.

Posing Tips for the Perfect Malaysia Wedding Photos

wedding wedding photo wedding photography malaysia wedding malaysia couple

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life, so you want the photos to capture all the joy and excitement! As a Malaysian couple, incorporate cultural elements and personalized touches to make your wedding photos uniquely you.

  • Smile big and laugh often! A natural, unposed smile is always the most stunning. Gaze into each other’s eyes, whisper sweet nothings, and enjoy this special moment. Your happiness and chemistry will shine through.
  • Hold hands, link arms, and embrace. Show your affection and connection in an authentic, unforced way. Simple touches and natural interactions speak volumes.
  • Include cultural symbols. Pose with red envelopes, mandarin oranges, tea candles or chopsticks. Frame your photos with Chinese lanterns or a decorative doorway. These touches celebrate your heritage and marital bliss.
  • Be playful! Have fun with it – make silly faces at each other, spin and twirl, and lift your partner up. Playful, spirited photos capture the joy and lightheartedness of your wedding day.
  • Candid shots are a must. Some of the best photos are natural, unposed moments. Ask your photographer to capture spontaneous interactions, glances and grins. These authentic shots truly represent your unique love story.


With the perfect blend of culture, affection, playfulness and candid moments, your Malaysia wedding photos will represent your beautiful new beginning together. Cherish these memories and the start of your lifelong adventure side by side!

Do’s: Flattering Poses for the Wedding Couple

wedding wedding photo wedding photography malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Now for the fun part – posing for those wedding photos! As a bride and groom, you want to look your best and most natural in your photos. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:

Do accentuate your best features!

For brides, show off that glowing smile, flutter your eyelashes, and frame your face by brushing your veil away from your cheeks. Grooms, stand up straight and tall, broaden your shoulders, and give a dapper smile. Play with angles and tilt your head slightly for a candid shot.

Do casual embracing and hand-holding.

A sweet hug, resting your foreheads together, holding hands – these natural, unposed gestures translate beautifully on camera. They showcase your affection and emotional connection. Wrap your arms around each other, gaze into one another’s eyes, and enjoy a quiet, private moment together.

Don’t do awkward or unnatural poses.

Avoid stiff or uncomfortable poses like puckered lips, clenched hands, or forced expressions. Your wedding photos should capture the joy and excitement of your big day, not make you feel self-conscious or uneasy. Relax, make eye contact, exchange loving glances and tender touches. Your emotional intimacy and chemistry will shine through!

With the right photographer guiding you and focusing on what makes you feel at ease and joyful, your wedding portraits will be stunning and timeless. Most of all, remember that the love between you matters most – let that be the star of your show! By embracing the moment and following your heart, you’ll have photos to cherish for years to come.

Don’ts: Avoid Awkward and Unnatural Poses

wedding wedding photo wedding photography malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Avoid awkward and unnatural poses that make you feel uncomfortable. Your wedding photos should capture the joy and excitement of your big day! Posses that feel forced or stiff will show through in the final images.

Don’t lock your lips for too long!

While a sweet, romantic kiss can make for a lovely photo, prolonged lip-locking sessions can appear awkward. Keep kisses short and simple, around 3-5 seconds. Any longer and guests may start feeling uncomfortable and the photo can lose its magic.

Don’t force smiles.

A genuine, unforced smile will make you glow in photos. Don’t feel like you have to keep a cheesy grin pasted on your face the whole time. Relax your face and smile when something makes you laugh or feel happy. Your photographer will capture plenty of natural smiles throughout the day. Forced or unnatural smiles are obvious and off-putting.

Avoid “prom poses”.

Stay away from the stereotypical prom poses like hands on hips or pointing at the camera. These can appear cheesy and dated. Instead, focus on more natural, romantic poses like holding hands, embracing, and gazing into each other’s eyes. Let your love and connection shine through!

Don’t be afraid to get silly!

While some classic, romantic poses are important, don’t be afraid to get playful and silly. Fun, unscripted moments like giggling together, spinning around, or goofing off can lead to more natural, joyful photos. Your wedding is a celebration, so enjoy it and don’t take yourself too seriously!

Let loose, relax and appreciate the simple moments with your new spouse. Following these tips will ensure your wedding photos capture your big day’s fun, natural and loving memories. Focus on what matters – your connection as a couple – and the rest will fall into place!

Capturing Real Emotion and Connection in Your Wedding Photos

wedding wedding photo wedding photography malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Capturing the emotions and connections between you and your partner will make your wedding photos memorable and timeless. When posing for your wedding photos, focus on the following:

Relaxing and being fully present

Take a few deep breaths to release any tension. Forget about your to-do list or worrying what others think. Just enjoy this moment with your partner! Your authentic joy and affection for each other will shine through.

Maintaining eye contact

Gazing into each other’s eyes creates intimacy even for a few seconds. Ask your photographer to capture close-up shots of just your faces to highlight your emotional bond.

Subtle touches

Holding hands, a light caress of the face or arm, a quick kiss on the cheek. Small gestures speak volumes about your tenderness and connection. Don’t be afraid to show your affection!


Laughter is a must for any wedding photo album! Tease and flirt with your partner like you do when you’re alone. Tickle, giggle and be silly. Your photographer will snap some fun, lighthearted images of you two enjoying each other.

Whispering to each other

Share a private joke, loving message or memory. Your photographer can capture beautiful shots of you whispering and the following reactions and expressions. These types of unposed, authentic moments are wedding photography gold!

By focusing on connecting with your partner during your wedding photo shoot, you’ll get images that genuinely reflect your unique relationship. Be fully present, maintain eye contact, express affection through subtle touches, have fun and don’t be afraid to whisper sweet nothings! Follow these tips and get wedding photos you’ll cherish for years.

Malaysia Wedding Photography Styles to Consider

wedding wedding photo wedding photography malaysia wedding malaysia couple

When it comes to wedding photography in Malaysia, you have so many amazing styles to choose from! Whether you want something traditional or more modern, stunning options will capture your special day beautifully.

Traditional Malaysian Styles

Consider traditional Malaysian styles like baju kurung or baju kebaya for a classic look. Drape yourself in the vibrant silks and delicate lace of the traditional Malaysian wedding dress. Picture yourself amidst a sea of colourful flowers, your hair adorned with golden jewels. These stunning portraits will showcase the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia.

Casual and Candid

Want something more relaxed and natural? Ask your photographer to focus on casual and candid shots. Walk through the pre-wedding preparations, laugh with your friends during the reception, and sneak in a sweet kiss during your first dance. Candid photos capture the genuine emotions of the day. Your joy, excitement and love will shine through in these effortless, unposed portraits.

Drone Photography

For a truly unique perspective, consider drone wedding photography. Nothing is quite as breathtaking as aerial views of your wedding venue and guests. Imagine sweeping landscapes, coastal vistas or city skylines from high up in the air. Drone photos add an extra wow factor and a hint of adventure to your wedding album.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Remember pre-wedding photography! Schedule an engagement shoot a few months before the big day. Pre-wedding photos allow you to get comfortable in front of the camera and capture romantic portraits in scenic outdoor locations. You’ll treasure these memories for years to come.

You can’t go wrong with so many amazing Malaysian wedding photography styles. Mix and match to create a photo collection that perfectly captures your unique love story. Your wedding portraits will be cherished for generations. Congratulations and selamat pengantin baru!


You’ve put in months of planning to make your wedding day perfect. Now it’s time to capture those memories in stunning photos that will last a lifetime. With some simple tips on posing, you’ll look natural, relaxed and madly in love in every shot. Follow the do’s – connect with your partner, tilt your head, and smile with your eyes. Avoid the don’ts – stiff poses, unnatural smiles, distraction. Your photographer is there to guide you, so listen up and go with the flow. This is your moment, your fairytale, your happily ever after – now make it shine through in photos you’ll cherish forever. Smile, laugh, kiss and celebrate! You did it.


As a Malaysian couple, infuse cultural elements and personalized touches into your wedding photos. Incorporate items like red envelopes, mandarin oranges, tea candles, or chopsticks. Frame your shots with Chinese lanterns or decorative doorways to celebrate your heritage and marital bliss while creating photos that are uniquely you

To capture genuine emotions and connections, consider these tips:

  • Relax and Be Present: Forget distractions and enjoy the moment with your partner, letting your authentic joy shine.
  • Maintain Eye Contact: Gazing into each other’s eyes creates intimacy and enhances the emotional bond in the photos.
  • Subtle Touches: Small gestures like holding hands or a light caress convey tenderness and connection.
  • Playfulness: Let laughter and playful interactions show in your photos, creating natural and lighthearted moments.

Whispering: Share private jokes or messages, letting your photographer capture unposed, authentic moments.

To ensure your wedding photos look natural and relaxed, avoid awkward or unnatural poses such as:

  • Extended Lip-Locking: While romantic, prolonged kissing can appear awkward. Opt for shorter, genuine kisses to maintain a natural look.
  • Forced Smiles: Authentic smiles make for beautiful photos. Relax your face and let your photographer capture your genuine laughter and happiness.
  • Prom Poses: Avoid stiff or dated poses like hands on hips or pointing at the camera. Focus on natural and romantic poses that showcase your connection.

In Malaysia, you have a range of wedding photography styles to choose from:

  • Traditional Malaysian Styles: Consider iconic Malaysian wedding dresses like baju kurung or baju kebaya for a classic look that highlights your cultural heritage.
  • Casual and Candid: Opt for relaxed and natural shots that capture genuine emotions and interactions throughout your special day.
  • Drone Photography: Add a unique aerial perspective with stunning drone photos of your venue and surroundings.
  • Pre-Wedding Photography: Plan an engagement shoot in scenic outdoor locations to get comfortable in front of the camera and capture romantic portraits.

To look your best and most natural in your wedding photos, consider these do’s:

  • Accentuate Your Features: Play with angles and frame your face to highlight your best features.
  • Casual Embracing and Hand-Holding: Natural gestures like hugs, forehead touches, and holding hands translate beautifully on camera.
  • Relax and Be Natural: Avoid awkward or uncomfortable poses. Focus on connecting with your partner and letting your emotional intimacy shine through.


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