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How Many Wedding Photos to Include in Your Album? A Guide for Malaysia Couples

Congratulations newlyweds! You’ve tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony and have hundreds of cherished snapshots from your big day. Now it’s time to choose which pictures will make it into your wedding album to share with friends and family. This is an exciting part of reliving your wedding memories, but it can also feel overwhelming trying to narrow it down. How many photos are enough without going overboard?

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As Malaysian couples, you want to capture all the special moments without ending up with an album that’s more of a chore. Read on for tips to curate the perfect amount of pictures and create a wedding album you’ll treasure for years to come.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity: Why More Wedding Photos Isn’t Always Better

wedding wedding photo wedding photography wedding tips malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Your wedding photos will capture priceless memories you’ll cherish for years. But more photos are only sometimes better when it comes to your wedding album. Focus on quality over quantity by choosing a select number of meaningful shots.

Why have hundreds of similar photos when you can have 50-100 amazing ones? Spend time reviewing all the photos with your photographer, and be selective. Choose poses and candids that showcase your unique love story. Look for original angles and emotive expressions. Get shots of key moments, your favourite details, and cherished guests.

Too many photos can seem repetitive and dull the impact of the best ones. An album with a curated selection of heartfelt photos will be more special. You’ll appreciate each photo so much more.

Narrow Down to Your Favorites

Go through all your photos and pick out your absolute favourites. Get input from friends and family too. Then sort what’s left into ‘like’ and ‘love’ piles. Only include the ‘love’ shots in your album. This focused approach will make your album shine.

Leave Some Photos Out

It’s okay to keep some photos private or leave out certain shots. You don’t need photos of every single moment. Save space in your album for truly memorable pics. The photos left out can still be enjoyed digitally without cluttering your album.

With a discerning eye, you can craft an album filled with radiant photos that capture the heart and soul of your wedding day. A thoughtfully curated album of your most cherished moments will be a treasure you will revisit for years. Focus on quality, and your album will be picture-perfect!

How Many Wedding Photos Do Most Photographers Provide?

wedding wedding photo wedding photography wedding tips malaysia wedding malaysia couple

A typical wedding photographer will take hundreds, if not thousands, of photos throughout your big day. The great news is you’ll have plenty of images to choose from for your wedding album!

Most photographers provide between 500 to 2,000+ high-resolution, professionally edited photos. The exact number depends on several factors, like your wedding timeline, venue, and photography package. A longer wedding with multiple locations usually results in more photos. A premium package with additional shooters will also increase the total.

Regardless of the number taken, your photographer will curate the best images for you to review. You’ll then select between 50 to 200+ photos to include in your wedding album. Choosing less than 50 photos means leaving out important moments and guests. Over 200 photos risk making your album overwhelming. Around 100 to 150 photos are a happy medium for most couples.

With thousands of images to look through, the selection process can seem daunting! But your photographer can help narrow down favourites and ensure all the must-have shots are included. They have an eye for the most flattering, expressive and meaningful captures. Trust their guidance – they want you to have an album you’ll cherish for years!

When the selection is complete, relax while your photographer designs a stunning album to showcase your perfect day. Your heart will swell each time you open it up and relive the joy of your wedding. A picture really is worth a thousand words!

Choosing a Wedding Photography Package: How Many Photos Do You Really Need?

wedding wedding photo wedding photography wedding tips malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Congratulations! You’re getting married, and now it’s time to choose your wedding photography package. This is an important decision because your wedding photos will capture lifetime memories. While getting the biggest, most expensive package with thousands of photos can be tempting, for most couples, a more modest number of high-quality shots is perfectly sufficient.

Consider what’s most important to you when determining how many photos you need. Do you want mostly portraits of the two of you looking fabulous? Candid moments of friends and family? Lots of reception shots of dancing and cake cutting? Knowing your priorities will help guide you to the right package.

We recommend choosing a package with at least 800 to 1,200 photos for a typical wedding. This will give you a great variety of must-have shots like formal portraits, ceremonies, receptions and candid moments without being overwhelmed by too many nearly identical shots. Within this range, you’ll have plenty to design an album and still have many left for gifting and sharing digitally with friends and family.

If hiring a videographer as well, you can get away with slightly fewer still photos, maybe around 600 to 800. The video will capture much of the action, allowing your photographer to focus more on creative portraits and close-ups. On the other end of the spectrum, if you want a huge amount of coverage with lots of reception candids and group photos, select a larger package of 1,500 or more images.

In the end, think about what will give you the perfect blend of memories and quality over quantity. Your wedding photos should capture the heart and soul of your big day, not just the sheer volume of moments. Choose a package that fits your needs, and you’ll have gorgeous shots for years to come that transport you back to all the joy and magic.

Tips for Curating Your Wedding Photo Album

wedding wedding photo wedding photography wedding tips malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Congratulations, you have so many amazing photos from your wedding day! Now comes the fun part of choosing which ones to include in your wedding album. Here are some tips to help you curate the perfect collection of memories:

Pick a Theme

Do you want to focus on portraits, candids, scenery or details? Choosing a theme will make the selection process easier and ensure your album has a cohesive feel. For example, you could do an album of just portraits of the two of you for an intimate feel or one highlighting all the little details that made your wedding unique.

Include a Variety

Choose a mix of posed photos, candids, group shots, close-ups and wide angles. This will give your album dimension and showcase all aspects of your celebration. Aim for 3 to 5 photos from the getting ready portion, ceremony, portraits, reception events like the first dance and cake cutting, and reception candids.

Keep It Balanced

As much as you may want to include every photo from your wedding, too many pictures can seem repetitive or cluttered. Limit your album to around 50 to 70 photos for a typical wedding. This ensures each image has room to shine and prevents the album from becoming too long. You can always do additional albums or include extra photos on USB drives for guests.

Tell Your Story

Arrange the photos in a way that flows and tells the story of your wedding day from beginning to end. Start with getting ready, then the first look and ceremony, followed by portraits, then events and candids from the reception. Place them in chronological order or group similar photos together. This logical flow will make your album even more meaningful.

Get a Second Opinion

Ask your spouse, wedding planner, photographer or close friend to review the photo selections. Having another set of eyes look over the images will help ensure you have caught all important moments and made all glaring omissions. They may even spot some of your favourite photos that you overlooked!

These tips will help you create a wedding photo album you will treasure for years. Congratulations again, and best of luck curating your memories!

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FAQ for Malaysia Couples: Your Top Questions About Wedding Photos Answered

wedding wedding photo wedding photography wedding tips malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Congratulations, you’re getting married in Malaysia! One of the couples’ biggest questions is how many photos should be included in their wedding album. Here are the answers to your top FAQs about wedding photos:

Q1: How many photos are typical for a Malaysia wedding album?

Around 200 to 400 photos are common in Malaysian wedding albums. This gives you plenty of coverage of your special day without being overwhelming. Focus on a mix of portraits, candids, details, venue shots and group photos.

Q2: Should we include all the photos from our pre-wedding shoot?

We recommend selecting your absolute favourite 30-50 photos from your pre-wedding shoot to include in your wedding album. You can always keep the rest for your viewing or share a pre-wedding album with friends and family.

Q3: How do we choose which ceremony and reception photos to include?

Work with your wedding photographer to select a range of photos that capture the emotion and memories of your ceremony and reception. Look for expressive portraits, romantic or fun candids of you as a couple, shots with your wedding party, family photos, cake cutting, first dance, etc. Try to strike a good balance across the whole event.

Q4: Should we print all our portraits and group shots?

No need to include every single portrait and group photo in your wedding album. Choose your top 10-15 favourite portraits of just the two of you, your wedding party, family, etc. For larger group shots, select 2-3 of the best options. Your close friends and family will appreciate seeing themselves in your album without feeling repetitive.

Q5: How long do Malaysian wedding albums typically take to design?

The design process for a Malaysia wedding album usually takes 4 to 8 weeks. The exact time will depend on the number of photos selected, the album style chosen, and your designer’s schedule. It’s best to start working with your designer as soon as possible after your wedding to begin the editing and selection process. Congratulations again, and enjoy reliving your beautiful wedding day for years!


You did it – you tied the knot! Now it’s time to relive the memories from your special day by putting together your wedding album. While it can be tempting to include every single photo, stick to around 60-100 shots for your main album. This focused collection of your favourites will give you an album you’ll enjoy looking through for years to come without being overwhelmed. Be sure to represent all the key moments – the ceremony, reception events, portraits with family, dancing with your new spouse – and remember to include some casual, behind-the-scenes shots too. Your wedding album should tell the story of your unique love and journey to marriage. With a carefully curated selection of heartfelt, joyful photos, this album will be a treasured keepsake you’ll turn to again and again. Congratulations to the happy couple – now go make some memories!

Searching for professional wedding photography? Look no further than 50Gram Wedding. Our expert photographers capture every moment with artistry and emotion. Contact us now to create a stunning collection of photos that tell your unique love story beautifully. Let’s capture your special day in timeless images.


Prioritizing quality over quantity in your wedding album is crucial to ensure every photo captures a unique and meaningful moment. Selecting 50-100 exceptional shots that showcase your love story, original angles, and emotive expressions will result in a more impactful and memorable album.

Begin by picking out your absolute favourite photos. Then, categorize the remaining photos into ‘like’ and ‘love’ piles. Focus solely on the ‘love’ shots when curating your album. This approach will guarantee that your album is filled with the most radiant and meaningful memories.

Photographers typically capture hundreds to thousands of photos during a wedding. From there, they’ll select 500 to 2,000+ high-quality, edited images. Aim to include 100 to 150 photos for your album – a perfect balance that highlights key moments without overwhelming the album’s impact.

Opt for a package that aligns with your priorities. If you’re looking for a mix of formal portraits, candid moments, and reception highlights, consider a package offering around 800 to 1,200 photos. This quantity provides ample variety without being overly excessive.

Begin by selecting a theme for your album, focusing on portraits, candids, or details. Include a diverse range of photos, from posed shots to candid moments. Balance is key – limit the album to approximately 50 to 70 photos, ensuring each image stands out. Arrange the photos chronologically to tell the story of your day, and seek a second opinion from loved ones for a well-rounded selection.


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