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Malaysia Couple’s Guide to Buying Wedding Favors in Bulk

You’re getting married – congratulations! As you plan your big day, remember those little details that make a wedding memorable for guests. Wedding favours are a perfect way to show your appreciation for friends and family who come to celebrate with you. But with guest lists often numbering in the hundreds, buying wedding favors individually can get pricey.

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The solution? Buy your wedding favours in bulk. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save time searching from store to store for the perfect item. Luckily, Malaysia has many resources for finding large quantities of stylish, affordable wedding favours. From colourful macarons to custom matchboxes, you have so many wonderful options to choose from.

Buying in bulk means you can splurge on higher-quality favours while staying within your budget. Your guests will surely appreciate these thoughtful touches that help make your wedding day special. Most importantly, you can focus on enjoying this exciting time together surrounded by the people you love most.

Why Buy Wedding Favors in Bulk? Save Time, Money and Hassle

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Wedding favours are a little detail that makes your big day special. Buying them in bulk is the way to go – saving time and money and avoiding extra hassle.

Time is of the Essence

Planning a wedding always takes more time than you expect. Buying favours in bulk means you can cross one more to-do off your list in a single shopping trip. No more running around to different stores or placing multiple orders to get everything you need. Bulk retailers have a huge selection all in one place.

Save Some Cash

It’s no secret that buying in larger quantities often means paying less per item. You can find bulk wedding favours at a fraction of the retail price. We’re talking up to 50-75% off, which adds to major savings if you buy for 100+ guests. Use the money you save on other wedding expenses…or your honeymoon!

Avoid Extra Stress

Placing one large order means fewer chances of items being out of stock, orders getting mixed up, or shipments arriving late. You’ll receive everything at once and can get favours assembled and ready to go well ahead of time. No last-minute scrambling or panic if something isn’t quite right.

Buying wedding favours in bulk makes sense. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing this detail is checked off your list, and keep more money in your budget for other wedding necessities. Most importantly, you and your sweetheart can focus on what really matters – celebrating your love and new life together!

Best Places to Shop for Wedding Favors in Bulk in Malaysia

wedding favor wedding gift wedding planning wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now it’s time for one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding – shopping for favours. And since you’ll likely need a lot of them, buying in bulk is the way to go.

In Malaysia, there are several great places for bulk wedding favours. 50Gram Wedding, an online wedding planner, offers custom favours at wholesale prices when you order over 100 pieces. Another popular shop is Wedding Favors Malaysia, which specializes in stylish, personalized favours for Malaysian weddings. They frequently run sales where you can score up to 50% off on bulk orders.

If you want maximum variety, head to Lazada or Shopee, Malaysia’s biggest e-commerce platform. They work with hundreds of sellers offering wedding favours in large quantities at competitive prices. You’re sure to find something perfect for your theme.

Once you’ve found a shop, think about what type of favour your guests will love. Some classic, crowd-pleasing options in bulk include:

  • Personalized candy or chocolates: Always a sweet treat!
  • Decorative chopsticks or coasters: Practical souvenirs for your special day.
  • Scented candles or bath & body products: Help guests unwind and remember your wedding.
  • Photo frames or mini photo albums: Share memories of your new life together.

With the huge selection and bargains available, buying wedding favours in bulk in Malaysia is a no-brainer. Your guests will surely appreciate these little touches, and you’ll stay within budget. It’s a win-win! Focus on what matters – celebrating your love and a new beginning with friends and family.

Creative Wedding Favor Ideas to Delight Your Guests

wedding favor wedding gift wedding planning wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Coming up with creative wedding favours your guests will love is so much fun! Here are 8 delightful ideas to inspire you:

Idea 1: Personalized Candy

Who doesn’t love sweets? Customize candy wrappers with your name and wedding date for a personalized treat. Mini chocolates, mints, or candied almonds are always a hit.

Idea 2: Mini Succulents

For an eco-friendly favour, give your guests mini succulents or air plants in pretty pots. These adorable little plants are easy to care for and will live on as a reminder of your big day.

Idea 3: Tea Light Holders

Nothing sets a mood like candlelight. Choose decorative tea light holders, like stained glass, mercury glass or patterned ceramic and have your wedding date or name engraved on them.

Idea 4: Coasters

Protect tabletops and give your guests a useful favour with customized coasters. Wood, stone, cork or patterned fabric coasters paired with a bottle opener or corkscrew make a complete set.

Idea 5: Essential Oils

For a wellness-inspired favour, fill miniature glass bottles with lavender or citrus essential oils and attach a label with instructions. Your guests will appreciate these revitalizing scents.

Idea 6: Cookie Cutters

If you’re having a dessert or candy buffet, cookie cutters in fun shapes like hearts, flowers or birds do an ideal favour. Get custom cutters with your monogram or names and wedding date.

Idea 7: Mini Notebooks

Writers and list-makers will love receiving a pocket notebook. Have the notebooks embossed or screen printed with your names and wedding date for an extra special touch.

Idea 8: Picture Frames

Give your guests a frame to display a cherished photo. Mini wood, metal or leather frames are all great options. Have your name and wedding date engraved for customization.

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How to Choose a Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Love

wedding favor wedding gift wedding planning wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Choose wedding favours your guests will adore! Picking the perfect favour is one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding. Think of it as a little love letter to your friends and family who have supported you.

When buying in bulk, you’ll have lots of wonderful options to choose from. Consider favours that reflect your wedding theme or colours, share your hobbies or interests as a couple, or highlight the location. Edible favours are always a hit and make great keepsakes.

Food and Drink

Delicious treats like chocolates, cookies, candies, coffee or tea are consumable gifts your guests will surely appreciate. Personalize them with custom labels, stickers or tags for an extra special touch. Bulk food favours are budget-friendly, and guests will love that they can enjoy them right away.

Practical Yet Memorable

Useful favours your guests will keep using long after the wedding make wonderful memories. Things like measuring spoons, bottle openers, playing cards or mini flashlights are unique but practical options. Have them engraved or printed with your name and wedding date for a custom finish.

Natural and Eco-Friendly

For an earth-friendly favour, choose items made of natural, sustainable materials like wood, cotton, bamboo or recycled paper. Wooden or metallic plant markers, seed packets, miniature succulents or wildflower seeds are lovely natural favours ideal for weddings with rustic, bohemian or garden themes.

The key is choosing a favour you and your guests will find meaningful. Trust your instincts—your guests probably will, too, if you love it! Buying in bulk allows you to get really creative within your budget. And remember, a heartfelt handwritten thank you note for attending will make any favour extra special. Focus on creating an experience and making memories over an expensive trinket. Your guests will surely appreciate any favour chosen with love and care.

Wedding Favor Etiquette: How Many Favors Do You Need?

wedding favor wedding gift wedding planning wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

You’re planning your dream wedding in Malaysia and want to give your guests a little token of your appreciation. Wedding favours are perfect for saying thanks, but how many do you need? Here are some tips to determine how many favours to buy.

Count your guests

The first step is confirming your final guest count. Make a list of everyone invited to your wedding reception—don’t forget the plus ones! Having an accurate headcount will ensure you have enough favours for everyone.

Consider your budget

Bulk wedding favours can save you money, but only buy as many as you can afford. There’s no need to go into debt over wedding favours. Buy in bulk what makes sense for your budget and guest count.

Think about extras

Buying at least 10-15% more favours than your guest count is a good idea to account for extras. Some favours may get left behind or damaged; you’ll want enough for your wedding party, family, and vendors. The extras will come in handy!

Wrap it up!

If you’re opting for edible favours or anything perishable, consider that guests may want to take an extra one home. Buy enough so that everyone can enjoy one at the wedding and take one to go.

Don’t stress!

While you want enough favours for all your guests, stay moderate. Most guests don’t expect a favour, so don’t feel obligated to order one per person if it doesn’t fit your budget or theme. Focus on what you can do, and your guests will appreciate any gesture.

Buying wedding favours in bulk can help you save money and ensure all your guests feel special on your big day. Follow these tips and buy the number of favours that makes sense for your unique wedding. Your guests will surely appreciate such a thoughtful gift!


So there you have it, newly engaged couples, everything you need to know to find gorgeous wedding favours in bulk at a price that won’t break the bank! With a little planning and the help of these tips, you’ll be well on your way to checking “wedding favours” off your to-do list. Happy hunting, and remember, your guests will surely appreciate whatever heartfelt memento you choose. Now get out there, explore your options, and find favours that reflect your unique style as a couple. The fun part awaits – time to start envisioning how those favours will look arranged on tables at your reception! May your wedding planning adventures lead you to many more discoveries, and may your big day be filled with as much joy as you’re bringing to others through your thoughtful favours.

Discover the perfect wedding favors for your guests at 50Gram Wedding. Our curated collection offers a wide range of thoughtful and unique gifts to express your gratitude. Contact us now and let’s find the ideal favors that will leave a lasting impression on your cherished guests.


Buying wedding favours in bulk offers several benefits. Firstly, it saves you time by allowing you to find all the favours you need in one shopping trip. Secondly, it saves you money since buying in larger quantities often means paying less per item. Lastly, it reduces hassle by ensuring you receive all the favours at once, avoiding stock issues or late shipments.

There are several great places to shop for wedding favours in bulk in Malaysia. Online wedding planners like 50Gram Wedding offer custom favours at wholesale prices for orders over 100 pieces. Wedding Favors Malaysia specializes in stylish, personalized favours and frequently runs sales on bulk orders. E-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee also have a wide range of sellers offering wedding favours in large quantities at competitive prices.

Here are 12 creative wedding favour ideas to delight your guests:

  • Personalized candy
  • Mini succulents
  • Tea light holders
  • Coasters
  • Essential oils
  • Cookie cutters
  • Mini notebooks
  • Picture frames
  • Customized keychains
  • Seed packets
  • Miniature champagne bottles
  • Handmade soaps or bath bombs

To choose a wedding favour your guests will love, consider selecting something that reflects your wedding theme, shares your hobbies or interests as a couple, or highlights the location. Edible favours, practical items, eco-friendly options, or personalized gifts are always popular. Trust your instincts and select a favour you genuinely love, as your guests will likely appreciate it too.

To determine the number of wedding favours you need, start by confirming your final guest count. Make a list of all the guests invited to your wedding reception, including plus ones. Consider buying at least 10-15% more favours than your guest count to account for extras and potential take-home favours. Don’t feel obligated to buy one favour per person if it doesn’t fit your budget or theme, as most guests don’t expect a favour.


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