7 Groomsmen Gift Ideas That Say “Thanks for Being My Best Man”

Are you searching for the perfect gift to thank your groomsmen for all their help and support during your wedding? Look no further! Here at 50Gram Wedding, we understand how important it is to thank those special friends who stood by your side on your special day. That’s why we have compiled a list of 7 unique and memorable gifts that will show them how much you appreciate their friendship.

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Whether you’re looking for something classic or a little more creative, this list has it all. From personalized beer mugs to custom cigar boxes and engraved whiskey glasses, these unique gifts will surely make your groomsmen feel extra special. Plus, they all make wonderful keepsakes that they’ll be able to use and treasure long after your wedding day.

So show some love to your groomsmen with one of these amazing gifts— they deserve it!

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Idea 1: Personalized Flasks for a Classic Keepsake

groomsmen gift groomsmen favor groomsmen best man wedding malaysia wedding couple

A flask is a great way to live out a special memory with friends that will last forever. It’s one of the most classic yet thoughtful gifts you could give your groomsmen. You can express your appreciation and gratitude with a timeless classic—personalized flasks for all you grooms-to-be out there.

Whether it’s an engraved monogram or a quirky quote, these flasks look great with any personalized touch and will surely become treasured keepsakes for years. You can even customize the lid for extra pizzazz! Plus, since they’re easy to transport and store, these flasks are perfect for destination weddings or rustic settings.

Get your groomsmen this unique gift as part of their wedding attire—they will love it!

Idea 2: Sleek Minimalist Wallets to Last a Lifetime

groomsmen gift groomsmen favor groomsmen best man wedding malaysia wedding couple

Nothing says “Thanks for being my Best Man!” better than a sleek, minimalist wallet that will last a lifetime. Plus, it’s a practical gift that will stand the test of time! These unique and memorable gifts for groomsmen will surely show your appreciation for their role in your special day.

Choose from designs crafted from high-quality materials such as full-grain leather, ballistic nylon and carbon fibre. Choose from models with card slots, RFID-blocking technology, cash sleeve or even one with an all-in-one pocket that stores coins and cards just like a pocketbook! And, of course, there are various colours and finishes to suit any style – so you can find the perfect wallet for each groomsman.

These premium wallets make the perfect keepsake – a timeless reminder of the joyous occasion they shared with you!

Why a wallet makes a perfect gift for a man? 

Idea 3: A Stylish Watch to Mark the Occasion

groomsmen gift groomsmen favor groomsmen best man wedding malaysia wedding couple

Every groom wants his groomsmen to look their best on the big day, and a watch is the perfect way to ensure they do. Not only is a watch an accessory that will complete their look, but it’s also a classic gift that marks a special day – your wedding!

If you’re looking for an extra unique and memorable touch for your groomsmen’s gifts, why not opt for engraving? An engraved watch with a personalized message will be something your groomsmen can treasure forever.

Alternatively, you could get your groomsmen their watches with a unique design or colour scheme that reflects their personalities. With 50Gram Wedding’s wide range of stylish watches, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone.

Whatever your choice, your groomsmen will surely cherish this timeless gift – long after the wedding day.

Top 10 Best Watches for Men in Malaysia

Idea 4: Wireless Chargers for the Tech-Savvy Groomsmen

groomsmen gift groomsmen favor groomsmen best man wedding malaysia wedding couple

Do you have a groomsman that loves having the latest tech? If so, wireless chargers are a great pick! They can be used at home and are also great for charging phones while on the go. After all, who wouldn’t want to say goodbye to those tangled-up wires?

50gram Wedding offers a wide range of wireless chargers, perfect for any groomsman who wants to stay powered up. Made from trendy materials and sleek designs, your groomsmen will appreciate the thought and style that goes into each one! Plus, it’s an item they’ll actually use, not just another gift sitting on their shelf.

Plus, some of our wireless chargers come with personalized engraving options, so you can add names or short messages to these special gifts – making them even more meaningful and unique. So if you want to thank your groomsmen for being part of your big day memorably – think no further than these awesome and practical wireless chargers!

Top 10 Best Wireless Charger in Malaysia

Idea 5: A Photo Album or Frame With Pictures of Your Friendship

groomsmen gift groomsmen favor groomsmen best man wedding malaysia wedding couple

A photo album or frame to commemorate your friendship with your best man is one of the most unique and memorable gifts that you can give. Not only is it much more thoughtful than a traditional gift, but it’s also a way to express gratitude for their unique place in your life.

And it’s easier than ever, thanks to 50gram Wedding. With a few clicks, you can select from hundreds of beautiful frames and albums designed to show off memories from your years together. Choose one of our special themes – like ‘Best Friends Forever’ and ‘True BFFs’ – or create one of your own!

Show off all the great memories you share with snaps taken over the years – all in one place. It’s sure to be an unforgettable keepsake they’ll always treasure.

Idea 6: A Shaving Kit for the Well-Groomed Groomsman

groomsmen gift groomsmen favor groomsmen best man wedding malaysia wedding couple

Are you looking for a practical groomsmen gift to ensure he looks his best on your big day? A personalized shaving set is a perfect way to show your appreciation – with 50gram wedding’s wide selection of packages, you’re sure to find one that suits his style!

Each kit includes:

  • A personalized razor with custom engraving
  • A badger-hair shaving brush
  • A handsome ceramic or wooden bowl for shaving soap and cream
  • An all-natural, organic shaving soap
  • An aftershave balm for soothing the skin after a close shave
  • A high-quality suede travel pouch


Make this gift even more special by adding a custom engraving to create a personal touch. There are plenty of options – an inspirational quote, initials, or even a nickname! Whatever you choose will be a memorable and truly unique thank-you gift.

Idea 7: Ticket Stubs From Your Favorite Shared Experience

groomsmen gift groomsmen favor groomsmen best man wedding malaysia wedding couple

A shared experience is a great gift idea for your groomsmen! How about collecting ticket stubs from some of the most significant or memorable moments you and your best man have experienced together? It could be a concert, a baseball match—even just a night out at the movies.

Ticket stubs are a thoughtful way to thank your groomsman for being the best man in your wedding. Plus, it’s also a great way to create a special memento that will last forever and remind them of their friendship with you.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Brainstorm memories and activities you shared with each groomsman, then narrow down the list based on which experiences would make for the most meaningful gifts.
  2. Look for tickets from those experiences – check your house, ask friends and family members, or even search online!
  3. When you’ve found the perfect tickets, get creative! Frame the tickets in keepsake boxes or present them together with personalized cards in beautiful gift bags.


Ticket stubs are an affordable yet meaningful gift that your groomsmen will truly appreciate. Showing them how much their friendship means to you is worth more than any material item out there – so start gathering those ticket stubs today!


Groomsmen gifts can be a great way to show appreciation for those who support and help you on your wedding day. Whether it’s a timeless item they can keep forever or something they can wear or use during the wedding, there are plenty of ideas out there that are meaningful and memorable.

When choosing the perfect gift for your groomsmen, think of something that will make them feel appreciated. It could reflect their personality or a bespoke item commemorating your friendship.

Thanking your groomsmen with a special gift is a great way to let them know how much they mean to you and your big day. With these 7 ideas, you can show appreciation and make your groomsmen feel special. You will find the perfect gift for your groomsman regardless of your budget or style.

Their personalized wedding favor service sets 50Gram Wedding apart, allowing you to add a touch of individuality and thoughtfulness to your wedding day. From personalized labels and packaging to unique and meaningful gift options, they will ensure that your wedding favors are aesthetically pleasing and deeply meaningful to you and your guests. The dedicated team will guide you through the process, helping you select the perfect favors that align with your wedding theme, colors, and overall ambience.


50gram Wedding is a company that provides a variety of unique and memorable gifts for groomsmen to show appreciation for their support during a wedding. They offer customized and personalized items such as engraved flasks, minimalist wallets, whiskey stones, stylish watches, and shaving kits.

Some classic groomsmen gift ideas are personalized flasks, minimalist wallets, and stylish watches. These timeless gifts can be customized to add a personal touch and are practical and functional, making them great keepsakes.

A personalized shaving set is a practical gift that ensures the groomsmen look their best on the wedding day. The kit includes a personalized razor, a badger-hair shaving brush, a ceramic or wooden bowl for shaving soap and cream, an all-natural organic shaving soap, an aftershave balm, and a high-quality suede travel pouch. It can also be customized with a unique engraving such as initials, a quote, or a nickname to create a personal touch and make it a truly memorable and unique gift.

A watch is a classic and timeless gift that marks a special occasion such as a wedding. It is a practical accessory that can complete a groomsmen’s look and be engraved with a personalized message to add a personal touch. It can also be customized with a unique design or colour scheme that reflects the groomsmen’s personalities. It is a gift they can cherish and wear for years to come as a reminder of the special day.


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