Wedding Planning,
Simple & Magical

Wedding Planning,
Simple & Magical

Unveiling an all-in-one platform crafted just for couples.
From seamless planning tools to digital invites,
we have everything you need to make your wedding journey effortless and memorable. the best part is , it’s FREE !

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We’ll guide you through each stage of your Wedding journey

Everything you need to plan Your Dream Wedding Journey

With 50Gram Wedding, every step is an experience. From ideation to execution, we’ve got tools tailored for every moment leading up to your big day. For all the moments that matter, we’re here for all the days along the way.

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Seamless Wedding Planning Hub

Seamless Wedding Planning Hub

All-in-one platform from checklists to budgeting. Every detail, simplified.


AI-Powered Wedding Assistance ​

AI-Powered Wedding Assistance ​

AI-driven guidance with tailored recommendations. Planning made personal.


E-Invitation Card

E-Invitation Card

Digital invites made stylish. Swiftly craft, send, and track RSVPs.

Find Wedding Vendor Easily

Find Wedding Vendor Easily

Curated vendors at your fingertips. Discover, connect, and collaborate.


Guestlist & Seating Chart

Guestlist & Seating Chart

Simplifying your hectic guestlists and seating papers with a breeze.




Start with a preset list, then tailor it. Your wedding tasks, made personal.

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Wedding Categories

No. of Vendors

Every detail, simplified.

Less Chaos, More Celebration.

Wedding Tools: Every Step, A to Z​
All-in-One Dashboard

Wedding Tools: Every Step, A to Z​

Drowning in checklists and unsure next steps? Let 50Gram guide you: our wedding tools simplify every moment, from engagement sparkles to wedding sparklers.

Stop Guessing. Start Budgeting.​
Track Your Budget & Payment Easily

Stop Guessing. Start Budgeting.​

Ditch the chaos of cumbersome Excel files. With our intuitive budgeting feature, manage every penny effortlessly, ensuring you celebrate in style without overspending.

See Before Celebrating: AI Magic.

Plan Your Wedding With AI
( Coming Soon )

Transform your wedding dreams into a visual reality. With our AI-driven tool, get a glimpse of your special day, removing the uncertainties and refining choices for a truly personalized experience. Make informed decisions, visualize better, and let our AI guide your wedding journey.

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Browse, Select, Celebrate: Your Ideal Merchant Awaits!


50Gram-less? Forecast: Wedding Worries Ahead.

Navigating wedding planning without tools like 50Gram Wedding ? Expect budget blowouts, last-minute scrambles, and potential vendor missteps. Don't let chaos overshadow your special day.

Leverage 50Gram Wedding tools: Dream big, spend smart. Luxury within reach.

With 50Gram Wedding tools, navigate wedding planning effortlessly. Align your budget with dreams and enjoy decisions without the juggle. Bid farewell to needless costs and sleepless nights; welcome a celebration truly yours.
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Plan Smart, Not Hard.

The 50Gram Wedding Advantage

Feature list
  • Real-time Budget Tracker

    Forget fiddling with complicated spreadsheets that never add up right. Our simple budget tracker shows where every penny goes, keeping you on top of your finances without the migraine.

  • Personalized Checklist

    Say goodbye to sticky notes everywhere and the fear of forgetting something important. Our customizable checklist feels like having a personal assistant reminding you of what's next.

  • Interactive Itinerary Planner

    Don't get tangled up in a web of who, what, and where on your big day. Our itinerary planner is like a GPS for your wedding day events, keeping everything running smoothly.

  • Guestlist Management & Seating Chart

    Managing your guest list won't feel like herding cats anymore. Our tools make it easy to track who's coming, who's not, and where everyone will sit without any of the drama.

  • Customizable E-invitation Card

    Skip the hassle of licking envelopes and the post office lines. Create and send personalized digital invites in a snap, and get instant updates on who's ready to celebrate with you.

  • AI Wedding Advisor

    Feel lost in wedding planning? Our AI Wedding Advisor is like a wise best friend who knows all about weddings, ready to give you advice tailored just for your big day.

  • Vendor and Venue Selection

    No more falling down internet rabbit holes looking for the right vendors. We've got a lineup of top-notch options ready for you to browse and choose from, fitting just your style and wallet.

  • Wedding Manager Consultation

    Planning your wedding doesn't have to be a lonely journey. Our wedding manager is like having a pro planner in your pocket, always there to answer questions and keep you stress-free.

  • Expert Tips and Articles

    Replace the “uh-ohs” and “what-ifs” with “ah-ha!” moments. Dive into our library of articles and tips that make you feel like a wedding planning pro in no time.

  • Mobile Responsive Platform

    Plan your wedding from anywhere – in line for coffee or on your couch. Our mobile-friendly platform means you're always just a few taps away from your wedding plans.

Frequent Ask Question

50Gram Wedding is a comprehensive digital wedding planning platform designed specifically for couples looking to streamline and simplify their wedding preparations.

We understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, with so many details to consider and decisions to make. Our platform offers a suite of tools, from AI visualizations to seating chart management and preset checklists, allowing couples to meticulously plan each aspect of their big day.

One significant benefit? By using our platform, couples can potentially save thousands of dollars, as they may no longer feel the need to hire a professional wedding planner. With 50Gram Wedding, not only do couples save time but also money, making wedding preparations efficient and economical.

Just sign up and step into your fairy tale. Our platform is all set to roll out the red carpet for you. Sign up here

Absolutely! Every tool on 50Gram Wedding is available to couples at no cost. We believe every couple deserves a seamless planning experience without added financial stress.

Our AI visualization tool takes your wedding preferences and dream ideas, then crafts a digital representation of how your big day could look. It’s like having a glimpse into the future of your wedding!

 Yes, indeed! You can effortlessly manage RSVPs, create seating arrangements, and ensure everyone has a perfect spot on your special day.

Yes! Our budgeting tools allow you to input, track, and manage your wedding expenses, ensuring you stay on target without any last-minute financial surprises.

Totally understandable; many feel the same way! Our platform provides a clear step-by-step guide and preset checklists to get you started. Plus, with our Wedding AI, you have a handy assistant ready to answer any questions specific to weddings in Malaysia. Think of it as having a seasoned wedding guru, available 24/7, to guide you through every detail.

Absolutely! It’s like having a royal ball right on our platform. Chat, negotiate, and finalize details, all without leaving your castle (or couch!).

Absolutely! We believe in not just offering tools, but also knowledge. Dive into our treasure trove of articles and insights on 50Gram Wedding Blog. There, you’ll find tips, tricks, and advice curated by wedding experts to make your planning process even smoother. Whether you’re looking for décor ideas or etiquette guidance, our blog has got you covered!

Technically, no! With 50Gram Wedding, you’re equipped with tools that can streamline and simplify the entire wedding planning process. But if you’d still like some human touch, we also offer a Wedding Manager service. This is a real person who can assist with budgeting, facilitation, and consulting throughout your wedding planning journey. And the best part? This personalized service comes at no extra cost. Yep, it’s entirely free!

Great question! 50Gram Wedding operates as a web-app, meaning you don’t have to fuss over downloading or updating an app from the app store. The beauty of it? You can start planning straight from your browser on any device! And worry not, our platform is optimized for mobile, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience wherever you are. Just open, plan, and enjoy


Wedding Planning, Simple & Magical

Exclusive Beta Launch: Invite-Only Access

50Gram Wedding: Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Partner in Malaysia​

Embark on your wedding planning journey with 50Gram Wedding, Malaysia’s leading platform dedicated to simplifying your special day. We’re here to transform the often overwhelming task of wedding planning into an effortless and enjoyable experience, tailored specifically for Malaysian couples.

Simplifying Your Path to 'I Do

At 50Gram Wedding, we understand the unique needs and traditions of Malaysian weddings. Our platform is designed to guide you seamlessly through every aspect of planning, from selecting the perfect venue within Malaysia to curating your guest list. Our intuitive tools – like detailed checklists and budget planners – ensure everything is organized and under control.

Your Dream Wedding, Made Easy

With 50Gram Wedding, you get more than just a planning tool. You gain access to a curated list of top Malaysian vendors, exclusive deals, and bespoke wedding packages that make luxury affordable. Whether it’s a grand banquet or an intimate celebration, we have everything you need to make it memorable.

Why Choose 50Gram Wedding?

We’re not just about logistics; we’re about creating moments that last a lifetime. Our commitment to providing a stress-free and magical wedding planning experience is what sets us apart. Keep an eye out for our seasonal offers and promotions, designed to give you the best value for your big day.

Join the 50Gram Wedding family today. Let us take the stress out of wedding planning so you can focus on what truly matters – celebrating your love. With 50Gram Wedding, your dream wedding in Malaysia isn’t just possible; it’s a promise.