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Wedding Video Style Guide: Finding the Right Fit for Your Malaysian Wedding

Now it’s time to capture those precious moments of your big day. As a Malaysian couple, you want a wedding video that reflects your unique cultural traditions and personal style. With so many options, how do you find a videographer and video style that’s the perfect fit?

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Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different video styles for Malaysian weddings so you can select what resonates most with you as a couple. From cinematic masterpieces to casual iPhone clips, we have something for every taste and budget. Your wedding day only happens once, so take the time to find a videographer whose work makes your heart skip a beat. Think of your wedding video as a time capsule, capturing all the emotions, details, and memories of this monumental day in your life together. Now let’s dive in and find your match made in videography heaven!

Choosing Between Cinematic, Documentary or Traditional Wedding Video Styles

wedding video wedding wedding videography wedding videographer malaysia wedding weddding couple malaysia couple

If you want your wedding memories captured in the perfect style, it’s time to explore your options! As a bride and groom, you can choose between cinematic, documentary or traditional wedding video styles.

The cinematic style is dramatic and epic, with aerial drones, multiple cameras and Hollywood-inspired editing. C cinematic is the way to go if you want a video that looks like a movie and blows your guests away! With 50Gram Wedding’s cinematic packages, we use high-tech equipment and talented videographers to create a visually stunning short film of your big day.

The documentary style is ideal for a more raw, authentic capture of events as they unfold. We take a casual, fly-on-the-wall approach to recording candid moments, emotional reactions and natural interactions. The result has a spontaneous, realistic feel that lets your personality shine through.

The traditional style blends a chronological sequence of events with personal interviews and voiceovers. It has a sentimental, heartfelt tone that focuses on the significance and meaning behind the rituals and rites of passage at your wedding. If you prefer something timeless that highlights the emotional journey, the traditional style is perfect.

Whether you want a showstopper video to share online or an intimate glimpse into your wedding experience, 50Gram Wedding offers the full range of styles to suit your unique needs and budget. Our passionate team is here to make your dream wedding video a reality! Let us capture the joy and the romance of your wedding day in a style you’ll cherish for years.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

Choosing your wedding video style is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day! As you start meeting with videographers, here are some questions to ask to find the perfect match for your wedding vision:

What filming techniques do you use? A mix of traditional footage and cinematic elements like slow motion or aerial drone shots can capture the emotion and grandeur of a Malaysian wedding. Ask if they offer multiple cameras to get different angles. The options are endless!

What packages do you offer? Look for a videographer that provides a highlight reel or “same-day edit” to share on social media right away. Do they offer extras like a longer feature film, raw footage, or a save-the-date video? Think about what will help you relive all the joy and memories for years!

How much creative control will we have? If you have a specific theme or style, look for a videographer willing to collaborate. Share your colour palette, decor inspiration, and cultural elements you want to highlight. Feel free to ask if you can review and provide feedback on the final edit. This is your story, so make sure it’s told the way you want!

The perfect videographer for your wedding will share your enthusiasm and vision. With the right partner capturing all the emotions, cultural touches, and details of the day, you’ll have a video you’ll watch again and again, smiling and maybe even shedding a few tears of joy. After all the planning, enjoy this opportunity to relax and celebrate your new beginning!

Creative Wedding Video Ideas for Your Malaysian Wedding

wedding video wedding wedding videography wedding videographer malaysia wedding weddding couple malaysia couple

Aerial Cinematography

Want to make a grand entrance and capture sweeping views of your wedding venue? Consider aerial cinematography using drones! Drone videographers can capture stunning aerial footage of you and your new spouse walking down the aisle, mingling with guests at the reception, and posing for romantic portrait shots. The sweeping views from up high create an epic, cinematic feel for your wedding video.

Creative Angles

Experienced wedding videographers know how to capture your wedding day’s emotions and actions from creative angles. Using steadicams, sliders, and gimbals, they can swoop around the dance floor, slide down the aisle during your processional, and capture smooth footage even in tight spaces. Creative angles bring an artistic, stylized look to your wedding video, allowing viewers to experience your wedding as if they were with you.

Dramatic Effects

Consider dramatic effects like slow motion, time-lapses, or aerial zoom-outs for a show-stopping wedding video. Moments like your first kiss, throwing the bouquet, and walking down the aisle are perfect for slow-motion effects. Time-lapses of your reception setup or sunset can create a whimsical feel. And an aerial zoom-out from your first dance into the sky is a great way to end your wedding video with flair! Dramatic effects turn an ordinary wedding video into a cinematic masterpiece.

  • Storytelling: Work with your videographer to determine key moments, events, and details to capture on film to tell the story of your special day. Things like getting ready, exchanging vows, speeches, and send-off can all be stitched together to share your unique love story.


A creative, stylized wedding video is the perfect way to relive the joy and romance of your wedding day for years to come. With many options for aerial footage, dramatic effects, and creative angles, you can craft a wedding video as unique as your love. Your guests and future grandchildren will all be delighted by such an epic capture of this momentous occasion!

How to Save on Your Wedding Video Package

wedding video wedding wedding videography wedding videographer malaysia wedding weddding couple malaysia couple

Congratulations, you’ve booked your wedding videographer! Now it’s time to decide what style of video you want to capture your big day. There are so many options, but don’t panic—with some smart choices, you can have an amazing video without blowing your budget.

Focus on What’s Important to You

Think about what parts of your wedding are most meaningful. Do you want lots of footage of the ceremony and vows? Guests on the dance floor? Morning preparations? Discuss with your videographer so they understand what to prioritize. Let them know it’s OK to spend less time on parts that don’t matter as much to you.

Keep the Video Shorter

Rather than a long, multi-hour epic, ask your videographer to aim for a highlights reel of 3 to 5 minutes. They can still capture all the important moments but edit together your favourite parts into a short, impactful video you’ll actually watch again! They can provide raw footage or longer videos separately for the full ceremony and other events.

Limit the Number of Cameras

Two or three cameras are typically enough to get multiple angles without going overboard. More cameras mean more editing time, more storage space needed, and a higher cost for you. Your videographer can strategically place a few cameras to get close-up and wide shots, then edit together the best footage from each angle.

Ask About Discounts or Packages

Many videographers offer wedding packages at lower rates or will provide a discount if you book your photography with them as well. They may also have special rates for booking on a weekday or in the off-season. Don’t be afraid to ask if they offer any deals, bundles or price breaks—the worst they can say is no, but you might save a bundle!

With some smart choices, you can have an amazing wedding video to cherish for years to come without blowing your budget. Focus on what matters to you, keep it short and simple, limit the cameras, and always ask about discounts. Your wedding video should capture the joy and love of your special day — not leave you with sticker shock!

Top Wedding Videography Tips for Malaysian Brides

wedding video wedding wedding videography wedding videographer malaysia wedding weddding couple malaysia couple

As a bride, your wedding video is one of the most important keepsakes you’ll have from your big day. Here are some tips to ensure your wedding video captures all the joy and excitement authentically and meaningfully.

Choose a videographer whose work you love

Do some research and find a videographer with a style you connect with. Check their portfolio and see if their previous work makes you feel all the emotions of the weddings they captured. A videographer who meshes well with your vision will produce a video you’ll cherish for years.

Meet with your videographer ahead of time

Schedule a consultation to discuss your wedding video vision. Share details about your love story, wedding theme, meaningful locations, and must-have shots. An experienced videographer can then craft a tailored plan to capture all the most important moments. They’ll also get a sense of your unique personality and style so they can infuse the right tone and pace into your final video.

Don’t be camera-shy!

The best wedding videos capture authentic joy and emotion. Don’t be afraid to show affection, laugh, cry, and fully experience the thrill of your wedding day. Your videographer wants to memorialize real moments, not staged ones. So forget the camera is there and relish in the excitement of marrying the love of your life!

Share your wedding video highlights

Work with your videographer to determine 3 to 4 minutes of absolute must-have highlights from your wedding video to share on social media. This short social video will capture your wedding day’s overall joy and spirit in a format perfect for sharing with friends and family who couldn’t join the celebrations.

Relive the magic for years to come

Your wedding video is a timeless memento you’ll revisit year after year. It will transport you back to that special day, reminding you of the joy, love, and laughter you shared with friends and family as you embarked on your new life together as a married couple.


So now you’ve got a sense of the variety of options for capturing your special day on video. Whether you prefer a cinematic masterpiece, a casual DIY approach, or something in between, discuss your vision with your videographer and find a style you both love. Your wedding video is a cherished keepsake you’ll enjoy for years to come, so take your time exploring what resonates most with you as a couple. With the perfectly selected style, you can relax knowing your videographer has covered you. Now focus on savouring each moment of your wedding – the day will fly by before you know it! 

Capture the magic of your wedding day with a perfect wedding video from 50Gram Wedding. As a premier wedding service in Malaysia, we understand the importance of preserving your precious memories. Our team of skilled videographers will skillfully capture every heartfelt moment, from the vows to the first dance, ensuring your love story unfolds beautifully on screen. With our state-of-the-art equipment and artistic approach, we create cinematic masterpieces that you’ll treasure forever. Trust us to document your special day with creativity and professionalism, allowing you to relive the joy and emotion for years to come. Let’s create a timeless wedding video that tells your unique love story.


There are three main wedding video styles for Malaysian weddings: cinematic, documentary, and traditional.

The cinematic style is dramatic and epic, resembling a movie. It incorporates aerial drones, multiple cameras, and Hollywood-inspired editing techniques. It offers a visually stunning short film of your wedding day.

The documentary style focuses on capturing raw and authentic moments as they unfold. It takes a casual, fly-on-the-wall approach to record candid emotions, reactions, and natural interactions, resulting in a spontaneous and realistic video.

The traditional style combines a chronological sequence of events with personal interviews and voiceovers. It aims to highlight the significance and meaning behind the rituals and rites of passage during your wedding, creating a sentimental and heartfelt tone.

When choosing a wedding videographer, consider their filming techniques, the packages they offer, and the level of creative control you will have. Discuss your preferences, such as aerial shots or slow-motion effects, and inquire about collaboration opportunities and the ability to provide feedback on the final edit.


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