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How Much Do Wedding Decorations Really Cost in Malaysia?

Congratulations, you’re getting married! While planning a wedding in Malaysia can be an exciting whirlwind of events, figuring out how much to budget for wedding decorations is one of the biggest headaches. Don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you. Whether you’re dreaming of an extravagant ballroom filled with abundant flowers or a rustic outdoor wedding decorated with string lights and garlands, this guide will give you an inside look at how much popular wedding decorations cost in Malaysia.

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Get ready to be dazzled with inspiration and relieved with the knowledge of exactly how much to expect to pay for everything from centerpieces to backdrops to chair covers and beyond. Your dream wedding is within your budget, we promise! Now take a deep breath and let the fun begin.

Average Cost of Wedding Decorations in Malaysia

wedding wedding decoration wedding decor wedding cost wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Wedding decorations are one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day! As a bride, you have a vision of how you want everything to look. Luckily, in Malaysia, you have so many gorgeous and affordable options.


Flowers are a must for any wedding! You’ll want blooms for your bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, and venue decor. Figure around RM500-RM1500 for flowers depending on the types and quantities. Roses and orchids are popular, fragrant choices. Ask your florist about seasonal flowers for the best deals.


Linens include tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, and sashes. Prices range from RM200 to RM1000 for high-end fabrics like satin or lace. Consider tulle, chiffon or organza overlays on the tables for a dreamy look.

Decor Accents

Remember those special touches like candles, lanterns, string lights or tulle draping. Accent pieces start around RM50-RM500 each. Shop sales or buy in bulk to save. Twinkling fairy lights will make your venue sparkle for under RM200.


A backdrop is ideal for your sweetheart table, cake table or photo booth. Popular options include floral walls (RM500-RM1500), greenery garlands (RM200-RM500), paper pom poms (RM100-RM300) or fabric/tulle drapes (RM200-RM500). For a rustic look, consider a wooden backdrop for around RM300.

With some budget-friendly DIY projects and smart shopping, you can have the gorgeous Malaysia wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. Focus on a cohesive style and colors you love for a beautifully decorated day you’ll never forget!

Factors That Influence Wedding Decoration Costs

wedding wedding decoration wedding decor wedding cost wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

The decorations can impact your budget if you’re planning a wedding in Malaysia! A few factors determine how much you’ll spend on making your wedding venue look absolutely magical.


The venue itself is the biggest factor. A lavish hotel ballroom will likely cost more to decorate than an outdoor garden. You’ll want to match the decor style to the venue, which can mean spending more on lighting, draping, and accents for an indoor space. You may need tents, flooring, and climate control devices for outdoor weddings.


Your wedding theme and colors also play a role. Elaborate themes like vintage glam or rustic chic often require specialized decor like candelabras, lanterns or greenery. And of course, the more colors in your palette, the more likely accents like flowers, linens, and stationery will increase costs. But you can save by reusing key decor items from the ceremony at the reception.


The season in which you get married affects costs too. Summer weddings may require less lighting but more cooling, while winter weddings typically need more lighting and heating – which adds to the budget. Spring and fall can be a great compromise, with weather still comfortable for an outdoor event and lower off-season rates.

Personal Touches

Finally, personal touches like flowers, cake stands or welcome baskets can impact your budget. While DIY details are budget-friendly, professionally designed personal touches will increase costs. But a few splurges on items that reflect your style as a couple are worth it!

With some smart choices, you can have an amazing wedding without breaking the bank. Focus on a venue and theme you love, pick a season that works for you, and splurge only on the details that matter most. Your guests will remember how you made them feel – not how much you spent.

Budgeting Tips for Wedding Decorations

wedding wedding decoration wedding decor wedding cost wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

When budgeting for your wedding decorations in Malaysia, think fun, vibrant and colorful! Many affordable ways exist to create a festive atmosphere without breaking the bank.

DIY as Much as Possible

Get crafty and make decorations yourself or with friends and family. Things like paper flowers, garlands, candle holders and table runners are easy to DIY. You’ll save a ton of money and the personal touches will make your wedding extra special.

Keep an Open Mind

Don’t get stuck on a “dream wedding” you saw on Pinterest. Be flexible and willing to substitute pricey items for more budget-friendly alternatives. For example, use colorful fabric, tulle or paper instead of fresh flowers. Opt for string lights rather than chandeliers. Serve cupcakes, doughnuts or other treats instead of a multi-tiered cake.

Buy in Bulk and Borrow When You Can

If there are decorations you can’t live without, see if you can find them at a warehouse store or buy them used online to save. Borrow items from friends or rent from wedding rental companies. Things like candles, vases, lanterns and signs can often be borrowed. Ask your ceremony and reception venues if they provide any decor or extras as part of the rental fee.

Set a Strict Decor Budget

Determine how much you can afford to spend on decorations and stick to that budget. Track all costs as you go to avoid going overboard. If you go over some items, look for ways to cut costs in other areas like food, attire or entertainment. Even if you’re not dripping in crystals and fresh orchids, your wedding will still be beautiful! Focus on the meaningful details and your love for each other.

With creativity and compromise, you can have a gorgeous, Instagram-worthy wedding without paying a fortune in Malaysia. Stay enthusiastic, keep an open and flexible mindset, get help from others and set a realistic budget. Your wedding decorations will come together beautifully!

Ways to Save on Your Wedding Decor

wedding wedding decoration wedding decor wedding cost wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Cut Down on Flowers

You don’t need a massive floral arrangement at every table to have a gorgeous wedding! Focus on one main arrangement for the ceremony and reception, then fill in with greenery, candles or lanterns. Silk or paper flowers are also budget-friendly options that still look realistic.

  • Skip the floral centerpieces and use items you already have, like books, lanterns or potted plants.
  • If you want flowers, choose locally grown seasonal blooms that are more affordable.
  • Use the same flowers from the ceremony to decorate the reception. Just move them to the reception tables after the ceremony ends.
  • Make your own bouquets and boutonnieres. Watch tutorials online to create simple but stylish arrangements with grocery store blooms and fillers.
DIY Decorations

Getting crafty with your decorations is a fun way to personalize your wedding on a budget. Enlist friends and family to help make decorations in the months leading up to your wedding.

  • Create decorative signs to display ceremony and reception information. Just buy wood boards and paint on details with stencils or freehand.
  • Make your own string lights or pom poms to hang from the ceiling.
  • Fold origami or paper flowers to use as decorations.
  • Paint or decoupage glass vases, lanterns or candle holders. Fill them with flowers, candles or string lights.
  • Sew pennant banners or fabric garlands to drape around the space.

With time, creativity and teamwork, you can craft gorgeous DIY decorations at a fraction of the cost of renting or buying pre-made items. Your guests will surely appreciate all the thought and hard work you put into the details. Focusing your energy on personalized touches will make your wedding decorations memorable and meaningful.

Wedding Decoration Ideas for Every Budget

wedding wedding decoration wedding decor wedding cost wedding budget malaysia wedding malaysia couple

Creative DIY Decorations

Want an affordable wedding that still looks glam? Get crafty with some DIY decorations! Making your own decor is budget-friendly and allows you to add personal touches.

You and your bridesmaids can have a crafting party to make things like paper flowers, string lights, or tassel garlands. Paper flowers in your wedding colors are an inexpensive alternative to real blooms. Grab some colored paper, scissors, and hot glue – your friends will have a blast helping you assemble these!

String lights or fairy lights are a whimsical way to decorate. Wrap them around tree branches, drape them from the ceiling, or line walkways. They create a festive ambiance for your reception or garden wedding.

Tassel garlands from yarn, ribbon, or fabric scraps make a fun backdrop for your photo booth or dessert table. They’re simple but eye-catching and come in vibrant colors to match any theme.

Rentals and Reuse

Why buy when you can rent? Renting decor items is affordable, and many rental companies offer package deals. You can rent everything from chairs, linens and centerpieces to photo booths, dessert displays and lounge furniture.

Reusing decor from other events is also budget-friendly. Check with local event venues, planners, and rental companies to see if they have any used items you can buy or rent at a lower cost. Vases, candle holders, lanterns, signs and props are often reused.

With some DIY projects, rentals, and reuse, you can decorate your dream wedding on a budget. Keep an open and creative mind – you’ll be amazed at the stylish yet affordable options! Focus on the details that matter most to you, and don’t be afraid to delegate when you need an extra hand. Your wedding day will be beautiful as long as you have your closest friends and family by your side.

Inexpensive Ideas for Wedding Decorations


You’ve learned about the average costs for popular wedding decorations in Malaysia, so you can now budget accordingly and avoid sticker shock on your big day. While some options like fresh flowers and draping fabrics can add up quickly, you see that you can achieve a gorgeous look for less with some DIY projects and shopping around at wholesalers. Your wedding day is meant to be a joyous occasion shared with friends and family, not a time to break the bank or go into debt. Focus on what matters – your commitment to one another, not how fancy the centerpieces are or how many candles line the aisles. With the right mindset and these cost-saving tips, you’ll be able to have an Instagram-worthy wedding that won’t leave you paying off vendors for years to come. Congratulations and best of luck planning an amazing celebration! The future is bright and so is your budget-friendly wedding.


Budgeting for wedding decorations in Malaysia depends on several factors. On average, flowers range from RM500 to RM1500, linens from RM200 to RM1000, decor accents from RM50 to RM500, and backdrops from RM100 to RM1500. Keep in mind that costs can vary based on your preferences and the number of items you require. DIY projects and smart shopping can help you create your dream wedding decor within your budget.

Several factors influence wedding decoration costs. The venue type plays a significant role; ballrooms require more elaborate decor than outdoor gardens. Your chosen theme and colors also impact costs. Seasonality affects needs like heating or cooling, while personal touches can enhance and increase costs. Tailor your decorations to your venue, theme, and season to manage expenses.

There are numerous ways to save on wedding decorations. Consider DIY projects for paper flowers, string lights, and banners. Be flexible with your vision, opting for alternatives like fabric or paper flowers instead of fresh blooms. Renting decor items and reusing decorations from other events can also help cut costs. Focus on meaningful details and avoid overspending.

Absolutely! Creative DIY decorations can make your wedding elegant and cost-effective. Making paper flowers, string lights, and tassel garlands can add a whimsical touch. Renting decor items or reusing decorations from other events are also budget-friendly options. You can create a stylish wedding without overspending by focusing on the details that matter most to you.

The key to planning a budget-friendly wedding in Malaysia is a combination of DIY projects, smart shopping, and focusing on meaningful details. You can achieve a stylish look without breaking the bank by crafting decorations, renting items, or reusing decor yourself. Remember that the beauty of your wedding lies in your commitment and the love you share rather than extravagant decorations.


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