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How Long of a Honeymoon Do Malaysian Couples Need?

Congratulations newlyweds! The wedding is done, and now it’s time for one of the most exciting parts of getting married—the honeymoon. As a Malaysian couple, you’ve likely been planning your dream honeymoon for ages. Now the big question is, how long should you get away for? With all the stresses of wedding planning behind you, a nice long trip to unwind and celebrate your new marriage sounds ideal. But reality will set back in soon enough with work and responsibilities.

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Finding the right balance for a memorable honeymoon that leaves you recharged but not regretting returning to real life is key. Keep reading to find the average Malaysian honeymoon length and tips for choosing what’s right for you. Get ready to escape on an adventure you’ll never forget!

How Long Is the Average Honeymoon?

honeymoon honeymoon tips malaysia couple honeymoon planning

Congratulations, newlyweds! Now that the wedding is over, it’s time for your well-deserved honeymoon. If you’re like most Malaysian couples, you’re probably wondering how long you should escape. Here are some tips to help determine the perfect honeymoon length for you:

How Long Is Typical?

The average Malaysian honeymoon lasts 7 to 14 days. This gives you enough time to relax, reconnect, and experience an exciting new destination without feeling rushed. For a quick getaway, 5 to 7 days is perfect. If you want to explore multiple places or do adventure activities, 10 to 14 days is ideal.

Factor in Travel Time

Remember that travelling to and from your destination will take at least a day. Account for this when determining how long you want to actually spend enjoying your honeymoon location. For example, if it takes a day to fly there and back, a 5 7- day trip only gives you 3 to 5 full days in paradise.

Choose Based on Destination

The location you choose will also impact how long you’ll want to stay. A bustling city like Bangkok or Hong Kong warrants at least a week to experience all it offers. Secluded beach destinations are perfect for shorter trips, while places for outdoor adventures like Bali or New Zealand are best for 10 days or more.

Don’t Feel Rushed

This a once in a lifetime trip, so take your time! There’s nothing worse than feeling stressed trying to cram in too many activities or places in a short time. Pick a few must-sees and leave the schedule open. Your honeymoon should be relaxing, not rushed. Extending it by a few more days will allow you to fully decompress and bond with your new spouse.

Congratulations again! With the right mindset and length, your honeymoon will be an unforgettable start to this exciting new chapter of your lives together. Enjoy!

Popular Honeymoon Destinations for Malaysian Couples

honeymoon honeymoon tips malaysia couple honeymoon planning

Malaysian honeymooners are spoiled for choice, with so many dreamy destinations on your doorstep! If you’re after a short getaway, consider:


This tropical archipelago in Kedah offers picture-perfect beaches, jungle adventures and luxury resorts. You could easily spend 3 to 5 nights here relaxing in the sun, exploring the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park by boat and enjoying delicious seafood.


The Island of the Gods is a perennial favourite and only a short flight away. Spend a week or more discovering unique Hindu temples, lush jungles, scenic rice paddies and stunning beaches. From exciting nightlife to wellness retreats, Bali has something for every newlywed.

New Zealand

Feeling adventurous? Head to the land of the long white cloud for a 10 to 14-day self-drive honeymoon. You’ll find breathtaking landscapes, gushing geysers, world-class wineries and the vibrant city of Queenstown. The options for outdoor pursuits are endless, from hiking and caving to whale watching and bungy jumping!

With countless world-class honeymoon spots within easy reach, you certainly will have choices and things to do. The difficulty will be dragging you away from such a perfect holiday and returning to reality! But with memories to last a lifetime, you will cherish your honeymoon forever. Take your time, do it your way and most of all, enjoy this special trip together. The honeymoon period may end, but your marriage is only just beginning!

Factors to Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon Length

honeymoon honeymoon tips malaysia couple honeymoon planning

When planning your honeymoon, there are a few factors to keep in mind to determine the ideal length of trip for you and your new spouse. Think of your honeymoon as a chance to relax, reconnect, and celebrate this new chapter of your lives together.

Your budgets and finances

As newlyweds, your budget may be limited, so choose a trip length you can afford. Shorter trips of 3 to 5 days can still be memorable and meaningful. Save longer dream trips for future anniversaries when your finances are more stable.

How much vacation time do you have?

If you only have a week or two of paid time off from work, maximize that time with a slightly shorter trip. There’s no need to rush a honeymoon, so take the time you’re given and avoid trying to pack too much in. You’ll want unhurried, unstructured days to lounge, laugh and love.

Your interests and activity levels

Are you adventurous thrill-seekers looking to zipline through jungles or chill beach bums happy to nap in a hammock? Choose a location and trip length that suits your activity levels. More active couples may appreciate 10-14 days to explore all a destination has to offer. Relaxed couples will feel content with a week at an all-inclusive resort.

Do you want a relaxing or culturally-immersive trip?

A shorter 4 to 7-day trip focused on rest and relaxation at a secluded beach, or mountain lodge is perfect for recharging after the stresses of wedding planning. For a more culturally-immersive experience, 10-14 days allow you to fully explore your chosen destination’s history, food and natural scenery.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” length for a honeymoon. Focus on what will allow you to reconnect with minimal stress and maximum joy. Keep an open heart and mind, go with the flow, and this first trip as newlyweds will be the perfect start to your marriage. Congratulations and bon voyage!

Creating a Honeymoon Itinerary Based on Duration

honeymoon honeymoon tips malaysia couple honeymoon planning

Congratulations, you’ve decided to take a well-deserved honeymoon! Now comes the fun part—planning your romantic getaway. For Malaysian couples, a honeymoon of 7 to 14 days is typical and allows you to enjoy a nice mix of relaxation and adventure. Here are some itinerary suggestions based on your honeymoon duration.

7 to 10 Days: A Taste of Paradise

A week to 10 days is perfect for a quick escape to an exotic locale. Consider:

  • A beach destination like the Perhentian Islands, Tioman Island or Redang Island. Spend your days snorkelling in crystal-clear waters, sipping cocktails on the sand and enjoying fresh seafood.
  • A tour to Kuching and Mulu National Park in Sarawak to experience rainforests, caves and Bornean wildlife.
  • A trip to Penang, Malaysia’s food capital. Indulge in amazing hawker fare, explore Georgetown’s street art scene and beach hop along Batu Ferringhi.
10 to 14 Days: A Multi-stop Adventure

You can visit multiple destinations for a fun-filled honeymoon adventure with a bit more time. Some ideas:

  • Start in Kuala Lumpur, visiting the Petronas Towers and Central Market. Then head to the Cameron Highlands for hiking and tea plantations. End at a beach in Pangkor or the Perhentians.
  • Fly into Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and explore Mount Kinabalu, Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and Sipadan Island for scuba diving. Then visit Kuching for a taste of Borneo before ending in Singapore.
  • Combine the cultural cities of Melaka and Georgetown with the natural wonders of Taman Negara National Park and a beach getaway on the east coast. You’ll get a wonderful mix of experiences.

A longer honeymoon gives you more freedom to combine destinations for a trip you’ll remember forever. Mix and match locations to create an itinerary that suits your interests for natural, cultural, culinary and beachy adventures. Your honeymoon should be as unique as your love—have an amazing trip!

Making the Most of Your Honeymoon, No Matter the Length

honeymoon honeymoon tips malaysia couple honeymoon planning

A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so make the most of it, whether you plan a short or long trip! Here are some tips to get the most out of your honeymoon:

Do something exciting!

Now is the time for adventure. Go scuba diving, take a cooking class, ride horses on the beach, go zip lining through the jungle. Pushing your comfort zone and trying new thrilling activities together will create memories that last a lifetime.

Unplug from the world.

Leave your phones and laptops behind. Focus on connecting with your new spouse without work or social media distractions. Make this a technology-free time to strengthen your emotional and physical intimacy.

Be spontaneous.

Don’t overschedule your days. Have a loose itinerary with plenty of downtime to relax, unwind and go with the flow. Take detours or make unexpected stops as the mood strikes you. Some of the best moments come from spontaneous discoveries.

Take lots of photos and selfies.

Capture your beautiful surroundings and all the special moments you share. Take silly selfies, romantic embraces, stunning sunsets and sunrises. Looking through these photos years later will allow you to relive the joy and bliss of this period.

Indulge yourselves.

You deserve it! Get a couple’s massage, eat decadent meals, sip cocktails at sunset, sleep late, and stay in a luxury resort. Splurge on experiential gifts for each other to commemorate this milestone. A honeymoon is a time for lavish pampering and creating cherished recollections.

No matter if you have 3 days or 3 weeks, following these tips will help you make the most of your honeymoon. Focus on bonding, adventure, relaxation and living in the moment with your sweetheart. The length of your trip matters less than the memories you make together. This magical time will fly by, so appreciate each second and come home closer than ever before!


Go all out and take an epic honeymoon adventure! You’ve found your soulmate and pledged your love in an unforgettable wedding ceremony; now it’s time to celebrate. A typical one or two-week honeymoon just won’t cut it for a once-in-a-lifetime trip like this. Think outside the box and take three weeks or even a month to soak in marital bliss. Travel to multiple dreamy destinations, see spectacular sights together, experience new thrills, and make memories that will last forever. A longer honeymoon gives you the freedom to go at your own pace without feeling rushed. You’ll come home refreshed, rejuvenated and more in love than ever, ready to start your new life as a married couple. Take our advice and give yourself the gift of an extended Malaysian honeymoon – you won’t regret it!


The average Malaysian honeymoon lasts between 7 to 14 days. This time frame allows couples to strike a balance between relaxation and exploration, ensuring a memorable getaway without feeling rushed.

When planning your honeymoon duration, consider the time spent traveling to and from your destination. For instance, if your travel involves a day each way, a 5 to 7-day trip will provide 3 to 5 days for you to enjoy your chosen location.

The destination you choose plays a significant role in determining the optimal duration of your honeymoon. Bustling cities like Bangkok or Hong Kong might warrant a full exploration week. Conversely, secluded beach getaways are suitable for shorter trips, while locations for adventure activities, such as Bali or New Zealand, require 10 days or more for a comprehensive experience.

Your honeymoon length should align with your interests, activity levels, and desired experience. If you’re more relaxed and beach-oriented, a shorter 4 to 7-day trip might be perfect. On the other hand, if you’re interested in exploring a destination’s culture and history, a 10 to 14-day trip would provide ample time for immersion.

Several factors should guide your decision on honeymoon length. Consider your budget, the amount of vacation time you have, your interests (adventure vs. relaxation), and whether you want a culturally immersive experience. Aligning your trip duration with these factors will help ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable honeymoon.


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